Babies & Brunch Seattle

We are excited to invite you to a special event for gay men who want to learn more about the path to parenthood!

From: 11am - 3pm PDT
Date: Saturday, August 27th, 2022
Location: The Thompson Hotel Seattle
Address: 110 Stewart St, Seattle, WA 98101
What: FREE Brunch & Seminar

Learn how you can grow your family with one of the best teams in the business: Hatch's Egg Donation & Surrogacy Agency and Pacific Fertility Clinic Los Angeles.

This free lunch and seminar will cover everything about gay family building, including:

  • Finding the best surrogacy agency for your needs
  • Understanding the surrogate and birthing journey (from experienced surrogates)
  • Choosing high-quality egg donors
  • Embryo creation and screening
  • The overall IVF process, including financials & common pitfalls
  • Legal implications

The event will end at 3pm - followed by happy hour where you can speak with our hosts who can share their own personal experiences over drinks.

Register for the event

Register for the event

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Meet your Hosts


Dr. Evans

An expert in her field, Dr. Evans is an Infertility Specialist and Reproductive Endocrinologist who has received numerous awards. She has discussed reproductive health issues on the Discovery Health Channel and NPR, and lectures on preimplantation genetic diagnosis and screening at UCLA.


Greg Wiles

Greg is the President of Hatch Fertility. He and his husband Zach created their embryos earlier this year and are expecting their first child in early 2023!


Alex Maron

Alex is Program Director at Hatch and leads its fresh egg donor program - the nation's largest! She also has firsthand experience with the IVF process.


Amanda Poston

Amanda is a Case Manager at Hatch and works closely with our Intended Parents & Surrogates once they are matched. She is also an experienced 2x surrogate herself, currently pregnant for her 3rd journey with our program.


Yale Scott

Yale is a former White House staffer, current entrepreneur, and father of two via surrogacy and will be the program's MC.

Sean Sobottka

Sean is a leading Los Angeles family law attorney specializing in fertility law, having personally advised hundreds of surrogacy and donor contracts.

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