Trust and The Egg Donation Process

April 26, 2018

You’re about to embark on a unique journey through the egg donation process, an done which is an unexpected twist in the path to parenthood for most recipient parents. It is only natural to feel some nerves as you learn to navigate this alternative road to procreating. The Egg Donor Program  was the first commercial egg donation agency founded, and with this long running history comes the wisdom and experience of having facilitated countless cycles for recipients pursuing the egg donation process. Along the way, there is one constant that is a driving force for positive experiences and good outcomes, and that is to trust in the process.

While it may sound over-simplistic to simply trust the egg donation process, it truly is the best approach. By taking proactive steps to help the process go smoothly in the spheres of this process within your control, and by letting go of the aspects that are up to nature, you are allowing yourself the best chance of success.

So the question is, what aspects of egg donation can you control?

  1. Choosing the right agency to facilitate the egg donation process. When selecting an agency look for experience, responsiveness, and compassionate care. The first step to being able to trust in the process is choosing a team you can rely upon. 
  2. Being communicative and responsive. To help the egg donation process go smoothly it is essential that you respond promptly to calls and emails from the agency you have selected, they will only contact you when it is necessary, and a timely response will avoid unnecessary delays. This also carries over to completing paperwork or any tasks that are in your court in a timely manner. 
  3. Seeking support from someone you trust. This process can be emotional, and it is important to have an appropriate outlet, someone you can share your worries with. This may be a partner, a close friend, or depending on privacy it could be a licensed therapist who specializes in infertility. The agency, while very sympathetic to the emotional nature of this process, can’t be your sole emotional support as you navigate the egg donation process. You want your agency to be focused on overseeing the process to help everything along.
  4. Choosing the right egg donor candidate. This is one of the most important steps in the egg donation process. The agency can be a valuable guide in helping you select the right donor candidate based on various criteria. While you might see the egg donor at face value for possessing desirable traits, the agency will know where the donor can travel to, what doctors she can cycle with,  and whether she has any restrictions that would affect your compatibility. Matching is a team process, so take into consideration any information the agency shares with you regarding whether a match is ideal or not.
The scary question to ask is, what can’t you control? The answer is- pretty much everything else. This is a human experience, and while the technology is remarkable and only gets better with each passing year, any process that depends upon humans and biology can be unpredictable.  But you can control how you choose to approach it. If you approach this process from a trusting place, accepting the unknowns and taking ownership of what is within your scope to help things along, you will find that the egg donation process is a beautiful, life-changing journey. We wish you a smooth road ahead on your voyage to build your family. To get started -you can sign up here for access to our egg donor database.

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