3 Reasons You Should Become a Surrogate

May 17, 2018

Choosing to Become a Surrogate

Bringing a newborn child into this world and starting a family is perhaps one of the greatest joys in life. If you have had a child before, then you know what a great blessing it is to add on to your family and bring your tiny one home from the hospital.

However, getting pregnant and having a child is not a possibility for everyone. For many, the road to parenthood is one full of obstacles and challenges, especially those suffering from infertility issues. The good news: help is on the way.

In 2018, IVF procedures are making it possible for people with infertility to conceive and have a child of their own genetic makeup, even if the couple is experiencing incredible difficulty conceiving on their own. With the help of angel-like, generous, loving women, couples the world over are fulfilling their dreams of becoming a parent.

While there is certainly an emotional and physical commitment made, there are many benefits to becoming a surrogate.

Here are just a few of the many joys of being a vessel for a set of intended parents:

You Will Change Lives of Those In Need

It sounds a little cliche, sure. But the truth is you are giving a couple the greatest gift of all: the gift of life. You are doing something for someone that they can not do for themselves. This generous act you’ll perform will consume more than 9 months of your life. You will literally carry their child into this world.

For this, intended parents will be truly grateful for helping them have a child. Their gratitude to you will be endless as they watch the child you helped bring into this world grow and progress. You will have an impact on an entire family that can never be forgotten. This will benefit you in ways you might not expect.

Becoming a Surrogate Has Perks

Most surrogates become a surrogate because being pregnant isn’t difficult for them. Some surrogates even state that they enjoy being pregnant and the aura and energy it feeds them. Aside from enjoying a pregnancy, there are other perks as a surrogate.

As a surrogate, you will surely be compensated for the physical and emotional toll that will be asked of you. Though surrogates are of sound mind, challenges will arise. What gets a surrogate through these challenges is their desire to help an infertile couple to grow a family.

Another benefit? The compensation a surrogate receives is to ensure she is cared for, and compensated for her time, energy, and literal womb. Many intended parents provide services to their surrogate to keep them comfortable during their journey as well.

The perks of being a surrogate are endless. From the monetary aspect to the occasional massage, as you help bring a child into the world you will find yourself quite comfortable and compensated while doing so.

You’ll Extend Your Circle of Love

While every set of intended parents is different, most will want you to be a part of their lives to one degree or another. Even if you already have your own family, being included on text threads and birthdays will simply expand your circle of love and goodness.

You will have the opportunity to watch the child grow through intimate friendships that form, or through photo updates and other information. Remember, you can state how involved you would like to be after the birth. If it’s not a fit for that set of parents, then we can match you with a set that fits your specifications.

This process can be tailored to your desires, too.

Super Surrogate

Our surrogates are superheroes. They are changing lives by giving the gift of life. This selfless act will have ripple effects for many years and generations to come.

To ensure you have the most amazing journey as a surrogate, contact us today to get started on the incredible journey to become a surrogate-hero.

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