Egg Donor Pay: Compensation and Why It Exists for Donors

June 8, 2018

Our wonderful donors from all across the globe do so as a generous act. Most donors want to help another family who can’t conceive on their own. Many donors state that they see it as paying it forward.

The benefits of donating your eggs are many. You will feel immense gratitude throughout your life for the blessings you've offered a couple struggling with infertility. Aside from doing good for others and feeling good about having done so, there are monetary benefits to egg donation as well.

egg donor pay

Egg donor pay, or “compensation” as we like to call it, is just that. It’s a dollar amount that is doing exactly what it should: compensating you for your physical and emotional commitment to the process.

Here’s why egg donor pay exists:

To Cover You

There’s a chance you will miss out on other opportunities to build your own financial base while you are donating your eggs. Egg donor pay simply ensures that you are receiving money so you can continue to live a good life while doing something for a set of intended parents.

This money will cover your time spent during the egg donation process. Egg donor pay will ensure you are taken care of while you take the hormones, consistently go to check-ups, and spend ample time taking care of yourself and your body in preparation for the egg retrieval.

Egg Donor Pay Says Thank You

In many cases, egg donors wish to remain anonymous. While many intended parents would love to continually send gifts of gratitude to a donor throughout their life, this isn’t usually possible.

That’s why intended parents enjoy giving you something in return: egg donor pay. It is simply their way of saying, “Thank you for what you've done for us.” You can think of almost as if you were dining at a fine restaurant. You enjoyed your experience, the atmosphere and food was wonderful, and your waiter was fantastic. What do you do at the end of a great dining experience? You tip your waiter for extending themselves to help you enjoy your experience.

Egg donor pay is the cherry on top of an incredible journey. You are giving of your literal self, and that’s a tip-worthy venture. 

It Helps You

For your commitment and generous act, you deserve egg donor pay to help you in your personal financial situation. Whether you need to pay down student loans, or just want to build a steady financial base, egg donor pay is here to help you do just that.

Many donors use their compensation to get back on the right foot financially. Others use the compensation and put it towards a passion project. Some are tired of working more shifts than they’d like to, and the egg donor pay offers them a little freedom.

Regardless of where you use your money, intended parents hope it helps.

Funny Money

Though it might seem a bit odd to “sell your eggs”, or receive high compensation for something you want to do out of the goodness of your heart, know that you deserve that compensation for what you’re doing for others.

When you are ready to help someone build a family who can’t on their own, contact us today and allow us to get you matched quickly.


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