Contracts for Egg Donors

Legally Speaking: Contracts for Egg Donors

August 30, 2018

When becoming an egg donor, there are many different forms, evaluation, and health histories that you’ll need to fill out. This helps every single party involved in one cycle of IVF to help a couple in need to have a child.

The truth is, there are many moving parts to this process. You are one key element, and perhaps the most important! Your generous act will bless the lives of others for years to come. However, there is a legal side to this process that protects you in many ways and makes this a sound, ethical, and legal donation.

Here’s a few things to consider regarding contracts for egg donors:

The Various Contracts

There are a few different contracts for egg donors. The first you’ll sign is with our wonderful program. This will ensure that you are protected. You’ll know all of your rights in the process of donating. You’ll even have a say about certain aspects in terms of when and how you’d like to donate.


The first of the contracts you’ll sign is with us. The next will be with your wonderful intended parents. This next contract is a bit more specific and is tailored to your wants, needs, desires and anonymous requests with the intended parents. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Why have contracts for egg donors? Because a contract is put in place to ensure that you not only are protected but that your wants and wishes are granted as well. If there’s something specific you think you’d like added to your contract to make you feel more comfortable, we can do that for you.


Contracts help everyone get the job done. This encourages all parties to do their best to help someone build their dream. It also ensures that you are compensated at the right amount and the right time. Don’t let contracts scare you, they are only there to help you.


We have some of these best legal experts in the world of IVF working with us to help you have a contractually sound and exciting donation cycle. You will have lengthy discussions in regards to your donation cycle with our expert lawyers.


They will make sure you feel comfortable and confident about the process. You review your side of the contract with your lawyer and then state what changes you request if any. If the contract looks great to you, you sign it and send it right back to your lovely intended parents who are anxiously awaiting your approval.

Contracts Are Empowering

Contracts are empowering for egg donors. They help egg donors learn about what rights they have in regard to future offspring, etc. It also entails jargon about the disposition of eggs, etc. There are many things to think about when approaching a contract for egg donors.


Don’t fret. We are here to help you in every step of the way. Regardless of if you want an open, semi-open or anonymous donation, all of this can be tailored to you!

Whenever you’re ready to make a donation to a couple who cannot conceive on their own, contact us today!

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