Reasons for the Season of Surrogacy

October 9, 2018

There are many reasons that people who desire to become parents end up searching for a surrogate or an egg donor. Every case is different, and every scenario comes with a special set of challenges.

Many of the intended parents who want to have a child have already tried their own IVF cycles using their own eggs. Many times, a woman with fertility issues can’t end up with viable embryos. That’s when they turn to the help of a lovely surrogacy program to help them reach their end goal.

Here at The Surrogacy Program, we help all kinds of couples in every situation you can imagine. We believe that any good person with a lot of love to offer a child, should be able to experience the joy of being a parent.

Here are a few reasons for surrogacy:

1. Infertility

Many women are waiting to have children now as they work so hard on their career first to establish and financially secure and fulfilling life for themselves. This is a wonderful thing. But because of this, many women end up trying to get pregnant much later in life.

Some of those women find that their ability to become pregnant has diminished with time. The internal body clock is a fickle one, and it can be difficult to balance timing. As antral follicles start to drop off and estrogen levels change, women are left with fewer choices.

They often turn to egg donors or surrogates to help them complete their dream.

2. Gay Couples and Surrogacy

Gay couples either need a sperm donor or an egg donor to complete their journey. Male gay couples also need a surrogate. Thanks to advanced medicine, all of this is possible. While adoption is beautiful thing, many gay couples want the experience of have a child that is biologically theirs.

When it comes to surrogacy, we are here to find you the perfect match to help you build your family. A surrogate from a surrogacy program will most likely be some part of your life for years to come, so we work hard to ensure you’re happy with your match, as is the surrogate.

3. Surrogacy for Women With Hysterectomies

If a female would like to carry a child but had to perform a hysterectomy for one reason or another for her safety, then surrogacy is a great option for them. They are able to borrow the womb or uterus of another generous woman to help them carry a child.

Women with hysterectomies can still harvest their own eggs through an IVF procedure and egg retrieval for embryo creation. Then they’ll just need a wonderful vessel to help them cross the finish line.

Super Surrogacy

Every reason to use a surrogate is a good one. We will tailor a journey to you that makes you feel excited and comfortable and you begin down the path of using a few extra angels to help you and yours.

When you’re ready for a consult with our incredible experts here at the Surrogacy Program, contact us today!

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