Surrogacy Costs and What They Entail

October 21, 2018

The truth is, having a child through IVF has many steps, moving parts, and costs.  However, with a lot of love and a little patience, a child will ultimately result from this process. Though at times it can seem overwhelming, we do our best to eliminate any cost or processes that aren’t necessary.

A generous, loving woman who is going to lend you her womb for 9 months to help you have a child will require special care and tailored comfort during her pregnancy. This will benefit both you and your growing little one.

Here’s a few things that are covered for a surrogate when it comes to surrogacy costs:

1. Compensation

Compensating your surrogate is your way of giving back to your surrogate. She is offering you the ultimate gift, the gift of family and life. She is going to do her best to care and nurture your child. She is vessel by which your little spirit will enter the world.

You have the opportunity to return a gift to your surrogate through compensation. Surrogates often experience missed work, need help with their other children, and sometimes require down time. Compensation goes to help with all of these things.

One of the most kind and generous surrogacy costs is the compensation you offer her.

2. Maternity Clothing

To keep your surrogate comfortable, she is going to need a little wardrobe update. There is a small allotted allowance for maternity clothes for your surrogate. Keeping her and your baby well dressed in flexible maternity clothes is a good idea.

Though the allowance isn’t huge for these clothes when it comes to surrogacy costs, it will ensure your surrogate can move about and stay healthy and active during the pregnancy. With care from the best IVF doctors and consistent movement, you will be on your way to a healthy birth.

3. Insurance Premiums

Based on the kind of insurance your surrogate has, you may need to pay into her insurance for certain premiums. A careful analysis of her insurance will help you figure out what the best plan is.

Things like deductibles and copays are things you will need to cover as well.

4. Monthly Allowance and Surrogacy Costs

Things like parking for appointments, local childcare, and local gas/mileage are all things that will be covered by your surrogate's monthly allowance. This is an important part of surrogacy costs.

Instead of reimbursing the surrogate for every receipt related to travel or pregnancy related medical appointments, a general monthly allowance will make things easier.

5. Legal Fees

One of the more costly aspects of surrogacy are the legal fees. However, this is money well spent. A great legal contract will give you peace of mind that all rights are in place for the moment your sweet one arrives.

Contracts will let your surrogate know exactly what her responsibilities are. It will give you peace of mind that everyone is on the same page as you work together to build your family.

When it comes to finding the perfect surrogate, let us help you. We will find you the perfect match as well as explain every cost. We can help you understand why they are needed and what you can expect.

When you’re ready for a consult on how to get started, contact us today.

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