Surrogacy: The Reason For The Season

December 18, 2019


                As a surrogate I have delivered three precious surrogate babies to three loving families, and with my fourth surrogate baby safely cozied up until a spring delivery for a fourth family, this time of year carries a very special meaning to me and my family. Whether I’m lighting the menorah with my children during Chanukah, decorating our Christmas tree/Chanukah bush, baking seasonal sweets, or just singing holiday tunes those moments are made more meaningful knowing that three (soon to be four) other families are enjoying making special memories of their own with their own children brings me more joy that I can put into words. Surrogacy is the gift of a lifetime, not just for the intended parents who have beautiful children to show for it, but for a surrogate and her family as well to know they have helped in such a meaningful way. I can’t think of any single gift I could open that would be bring me more happiness than this.

                For our little work family, often spending time away from our own families to make families possible for others, we feel love from the four corners of the world as the beautiful holiday cards and emails arrive each year. They are a testament to the importance of the time we dedicate to helping others. No task is insignificant or menial- and the collective time spent on each case brings about a lifetime of the love of parenthood. There is so much to be grateful for when we return home to our own families to celebrate the holidays.

                With our many years of experience, we know that sadly this time of year is not one of celebration for all families though. We hold close to our hearts the intended parents and surrogates we know undergoing hardships on their paths. For the surrogates who have experienced setbacks who hug their own children even closer with the sad reminder that they are miraculous, and for the intended parents who are not yet closer to holding their own babies- we hold space for each of you, and the hope that 2020 will bring your dreams to fruition. Hope is as essential to this time of year as joy and gratitude. And the most beautiful thing is that there is always hope, even in the darkest times of our lives.

                So with the holidays upon us and the new year rapidly approaching, we wish three things for all of the courageous intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors we have the honor of knowing. We wish for you to have hope, gratitude, and joy. Hope to guide you through the toughest moments, gratitude for the wisdom and strength gained along your path, and joy that comes from manifesting your dreams into reality. Wishing you all happy holidays and prosperous new year ahead!

Happy Holidays from The EDSP Team


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