Infertile parents

Celebrating the Success of our Infertile Parents

April 11, 2017

The Egg Donor Program has had the honor of helping loving Recipient Parents on their journey to becoming parents through Egg Donation for over twenty-five years. So many parents struggle for many years and endure great hardship before deciding upon using donor eggs to achieve a pregnancy. When our Recipient Parents have success with the help of donor eggs we are overjoyed for them. Here is a letter of one such intended parents surrogacy story with the help of an Egg Donor Angel:

Dear Shelley,

How lovely to hear from you.  Yes – both babies born, healthy & beautiful at over 6lb each (great for twins).  We are overjoyed, overworked, over-excited and all the rest!

Please pass on how much joy is in our home and for our parents, too – who are now grandparents later in life than they could have hoped.   I think of our  Donor Angel often – and her lovely, gentle, determined nature.  I sincerely hope our children evolve to have something of her in their manner. It is still absolutely true to say that we consider her often, and always with sincere gratitude in our heart. And my thanks too to all at The Egg Donor Program, especially yourself, who helped to make this possible.  Your agency so clearly stood out from the rest, no merely for the standard of donors, but also the care and respect with which you dealt with prospective parents.

Warmest Regards,

Recipient Parents

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