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Dear Egg Donor: a letter from an offspring

September 21, 2017


Dear Egg Donor,

I’m not really surehow to begin a letter like this. I know that I will most likely never meet you, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am thankful every day for the sacrifice you made. You were able to give me not only the gift of life, but allowed me to be blessed enough to be born into such a wonderful and caring family. To be able to have a child is a rite of passage as a human being in my eyes, and for you to help others that cannot is a blessing.

When I first found out about how I was born it was a little scary. I was confused at first to who my real family was (given that my parents were not biologically my parents), but after a while, I figured it all out. The donors my parents chose were picked specifically because they believe in the same values and upbringings as my parents do. Hundreds of hours go into each and every little step of the process to make sure that my life will be healthy, happy, and full of positivity. I will never see myself as my parent’s egg donor’s child, but rather an upbringing of the amazing family I was blessed enough to be born into.

I have heard firsthand the horrors my mother had to go through after losing a child as well as finding out it would be difficult to conceive another one after. While adoption was and still is a great option for many parents today, egg donation is a beautiful reproductive process that brings your entire family together each and every step of the way. Every day I feel grateful that my parents never gave up on having a child and brought me into this world.

I want to thank every past, current, and future egg donor for all the amazing and thoughtful work you do every day. I am proud to be a child born through egg donation and hope my story can inspire many families to create stories of their own. For Recipients interested in getting started: Read More



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