Egg Donation near me

Egg Donation near me and Surrogacy at my fingertips

September 26, 2017

Perhaps you’re thinking, “I’m interested in finding egg donation near me and perhaps a surrogate with the swipe of a finger.” Well, now you can. Just like social media, photo editing, or news, there is now a “swipe right” Tinder-style app for egg donation and surrogacy that was started in February 2017.The creators of Just a Baby, an Australian company, are offering the opportunity for sperm donors, egg donors or egg recipients and surrogates to match up with the swipe of a finger.  You can read more about it here: Just a Baby. While of course, convenience and accessibility are always a plus, there are some precautions to be taken to help the recipients, donors, and surrogates navigate the sometimes complicated legal and financial red tape.

Much like Tinder or online dating, while the allure of easy access and flexibility can be tempting there are pitfalls one may face when trying to venture into the world of egg donation and surrogacy alone using technology. For example, “How can I be sure the person I connect with for egg donation near me is who they say they are?” Making sure to run reliable ground checks for all parties involved is one precautionary measure to consider.

The idea of using an app to get a feel for what you may be looking for in a potential egg donor or surrogate mother can be an inviting option if it’s done with caution, and as with online dating, some additional research. For some people, the anonymity of connecting this way takes the stress out of the egg donation process. Technology is opening up all sorts of possibilities; businesses connect through Linked In and individuals date and make friends on It makes sense that as people are becoming increasingly tech-savvy that there should be an app to help infertile recipients build their families.

In a busy world, people are adapting to having the answers they need at their fingertips on their smartphones, e-readers, and tablets. While some recipients want the convenience of using their mobile devices to start their journey towards becoming parents; for others who feel more risk adverse or want expert guidance throughout the process engaging the facilitation of a reputable agency is a nice alternative. Third party reproduction has some emotional risks due to the sensitive nature of infertility and there are also significant financial exchanges so it’s important for anyone considering the process to do their due diligence.

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