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Financial Planning for Intended Parents: How Much Does a Surrogate Cost?

Hatch Fertility
October 22, 2020

A journey through IVF to build your dream of having a family will certainly have a large financial commitment that comes with it. However, at The Surrogacy Program, we do our best to keep costs low and economize all travel expenditures as we care for your chosen surrogate.

While keeping your surrogate comfortable and giving her everything she needs for a successful journey, we carefully consider each dime that is spent throughout the journey. We know of the financial investment you’ve made to get here. We know how precious your surrogate is as she carries your sweet child into the world.

But how much does a surrogate mother cost exactly and what are some of the expenses you can expect?

How Much Does A Surrogate Cost?

It can vary. The truth is every program at the journey will be different based on location, needs, and individual circumstances.

Here’s a guide on everything you should know when it comes to surrogates and costs:

The Cost of a Surrogacy Program

A surrogacy program will be your liaison between you and your chosen surrogate. We will take care of everything under the sun regarding your surrogate. There are many things that go into a successful pregnancy for a surrogate: contracts, a social evaluation, a psychological evaluation, medical testing and screening, referrals to lawyers, daily accounting, all travel arrangements, health care and in-house management of incidental payments to your surrogate are all things we will take care of.


The program fee exists to cover the care of your surrogate. We are able to provide ongoing communication and the ultimate pregnancy care with these fees. We perform weekly check-ins with the surrogates and we even facilitate gifts to a surrogate and her family.

The Surrogate’s Compensation

If you’re wondering how much a surrogate’s compensation is and how much does a surrogate mother cost, then consider all financial aspects of a journey. A surrogate is going to be compensated for her generous act as you borrow her womb to grow and birth a child.

The compensation is just to cover her physical and emotional commitment to this process. These women are altruistic and truly want to help another couple, and the compensation just goes to fill certain work opportunities they might lose while being pregnant for nine months. They are happy to do so. You are giving a gift in return for the gift they are offering you.

Food and Maternity Clothing

Another set of costs to consider is the kind of food you’d like your surrogate to eat. This is not mandatory, but many intended parents like to send fresh vegetables and organic fruits to their surrogate during their pregnancy to help with optimal nutrition for their baby.

There will also be an allowance for the surrogate to purchase those stretchy, oversized, wonderful maternity clothes so she can stay comfortable while she is carrying the child.


Legal is definitely something to consider when evaluating how much does a surrogate mother cost. This contract will clearly state where rights and responsibilities lie. This helps and protect all parties. This will also ensure that you are stated as the birth parents the minute the child enters the world.

Legal is one of the most important parts of the process. When wondering how much does a surrogate mother cost, make sure you include the legal fees.

For a thorough financial breakdown, contact us today for a consult and we can help get you started on the most ethical surrogacy journey possible.

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