My Experience Donating Eggs

September 4, 2017

Our Egg Donor Angel

If you had told me a few years agothat I'd be a 5th-time egg donor donating eggs before my 25th birthday, well I probably would have laughed. This world never crossed my mind, until I discovered a very dear friend of mine struggled with infertility. She opened my eyes and heart to a pain I had no idea existed, and I wanted to help her. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, I wasn't able to donate my eggs to her, but I decided to continue the cycle and donate to someone else needing help. I wondered how much do you get for donating eggs to a stranger and found that information here: Egg Donor Compensation

I won't pretend that the cycle was a piece of cake for me, but that's because I have a serious fear of needles and that's 100% a personal problem. The blood draws, ultrasounds and shots given in the abdomen became easier and the closer I got to my retrieval date, I genuinely became excited. I knew the intended parents had been waiting 10 years for this, and I was potentially about to change the course of their lives...forever. That excited me more than anything else I've done with my life, and it's something I hope we can all experience in our lives, in some way. The cycle went beautifully and she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 9 months later.

Each cycle becomes more and more special to me. It’s more than just selling eggs. I've received letters, photos, and even videos of the new families I've helped create. It's given me a deep sense of purpose in my life. I've been able to look at the families around me and realize how truly precious they are, something I never took a moment to reflect on until this part of my life. I may not go on to cure cancer or win a Nobel peace prize in my life, but I've helped create a life for a family. I am so proud of this journey I've taken with so many families, and hope to continue as long as I am able.





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