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What to expect as an egg donor

May 11, 2018

Any woman who wants to donate her eggs, this literal and special part of herself, is a generous one.

There are many wonderful benefits to donating eggs and becoming an egg donor. The blessings for doing so will have a ripple effect on the lives of others for many years to come.

What to Expect During the Egg Donation Process

When considering whether or not you want to become an egg donor, there are a few things to think about as you prepare yourself. How restrictive will the process be on your lifestyle? What is the cycle and the actual egg retrieval like?

Donating eggs has been done in a safe, FDA approved manner by women all over the globe for many decades now. This safe and wonderful process can be tailored to you and your schedule.

Once you've been accepted as a Hatch Egg Donor, here's what you can expect:  

In the Mood for Gratitude

On a serious note, intended parents search many, many databases and profiles to find their chosen donor. It is a challenging process that can often be overwhelming. Finding a donor with all of the things the couple is looking for to make up the other half of the genetics of their child can be difficult.

When it comes to donating eggs, know this: the recipients of your precious eggs will be eternally grateful to you. The amount of love and gratitude that will be sent to you via energy, thoughts and prayers for the remainder of your life will be unparalleled, and you’ll feel it. Many donors express feeling a sort of levity and light through their days after donating eggs.

You are changing the life of someone who can not conceive naturally. You are helping them do something they can’t. You are making their dreams of having a child possible. The intended parents who choose you as their donor will remain forever grateful to you.

Some donors aren’t prepared for the overwhelming amount of love and appreciation they receive from their intended parents (whether anonymous or not).

The Egg Donation Cycle

Every donor has a different experience when donating her eggs. Every body is going to respond to the medications differently. However, know that this the egg donation preparation cycle an approved and safe process. There will be three main types of hormones you’ll use to prepare yourself for the egg retrieval. 

These are administered in regulated amounts, and we only work with the best fertility clinics to ensure it’s done in a healthy manner. You will be consistently checked upon to ensure your ovaries are healthy and safe. There may be occasional cramping or a little bloat, but this will pass. The cycle is usually only 11-13 days long.

The Egg Retrieval Procedure

Many donors express that the egg retrieval is the easiest part of the entire process. There are many educational animated videos on YouTube that can even walk you through what the retrieval entails when donating eggs. However, your fertility doctor will explain every step of the process to you and exactly what it will entail.

You will walk in for your retrieval, and leave a few hours later after you’ve rested and recovered. It is a minimally invasive procedure. Soon, your eggs will be on their way to helping an infertile couple to build a family. You’ve given the greatest gift possible after your retrieval, the gift of life.

Egg Donor Compensation 

There is no shame in being compensated for your emotional and physical commitment throughout this process. Egg donor compensation is a wonderful benefit for the altruistic act you’ve performed. As a Hatch Egg Donor among the top 5% of candidates nation-wide, you'll be compensated generously. 

When it comes to donating eggs, not only will you be compensated through many thanks, you will also receive a monetary amount to cover your expenses and whatever may have caused you a little discomfort or inconvenience during donation.

Many donors use this amount to pay off student loans or pay down their existing debt. The intended parents are more than happy to compensate a donor for her generous act.

The Act of Selfless Giving

The decision to donate your eggs is a beautiful one. When it comes to donating eggs, prepare yourself for all aspects of the process. The physical, the emotional, and the rewarding elements should all be taken into consideration.

Plan For Your Future, Today

Helping others who are in need is something that will change you as a person as you go throughout your life. When you’re ready to offer the ultimate gift to another person, contact the best in the field to help you start on your journey.

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