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Canada egg donation and surrogacy

Intended parents and egg donors from Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia and surrounding provinces can benefit from Hatch’s Canadian egg donation and surrogacy program.

What to know as intended parents seeking donors or surrogates

Choosing the people to participate on an assisted reproduction journey is the most important decision you can make. Which is why so many individuals and couples like you walk with Hatch. Here’s everything you need to know, from navigating the legal landscape to finding your donor or surrogate. 

Using an American egg donor for Canadian residents

The laws governing egg donation are very different between Canada and the United States. Because compensation is very limited in Canada but open in America, egg donation has been mainstreamed in the thirty years since its inception. There are thousands of women with very desirable qualities who are excited to donate their eggs to you. Since Canadian and American backgrounds and cultures are so similar, it’s very easy for Canadian intended parents to connect with American egg donors. Most of our international clientele come to Los Angeles, the egg donor capital of the world, due to its impressive quality and quantity of available egg donors.

The embryo transfer procedure

You can begin your cycle in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver or any of the surrounding cities and return to our Los Angeles facility for your IVF procedure. Typically, if you take part in fertility services, you make one visit to the US for three to five days for the embryo transfer. Alternatively, you can have the embryos frozen and sent to Canada for your transfer procedure. 

Your parental rights with U.S.-based donors or surrogates

As an intended parent using an egg donor, you’ll sign a contract with your egg donor (on separate pages to protect your anonymity) that legally enforces your parental rights. Because the egg donation cycle will take place in the U.S., their legislation overrules Canadian law surrounding your parental rights. 

There has never been a case with our program where an egg donor has tried to gain rights to the child. At Hatch, we provide referrals to excellent and experienced attorneys in reproductive law for our intended parents as well as our egg donors. We cover the costs for this, so you’ll not pay out-of-pocket for this. 

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How to find an American surrogate for Canadian residents

Intended parents from across the globe come to America and specifically California take part in the surrogacy program due to its favorable laws. We have expert attorneys in hand that we can refer you to who have vast experiences with Canadian surrogacy. Your parental rights are also established and protected. We additionally provide all necessary documents you’ll need to return home with your new born baby.  

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Considerations for Canadian egg donors

You’ll be in the expert hands of the very top reproductive doctors and clinics in the country. And be recommended to intended parents from whom you’ll be an ideal match. All to help you have the most life-affirming experience as possible. Here’s what you need to know about donating your eggs.

Donating eggs in the U.S. as a Canadian resident

You can donate your eggs if you reside in Canada, but you cannot be compensated in Canada. Therefore, most young women come to the U.S. to donate their eggs, where they can receive a generous egg donor compensation. Patients who choose this are asked to make two visits—one for a screening and one for the egg retrieval, the retrieval trip can range 5-13 days, depending on the clinic. If you choose Hatch’s egg donor program, travel expenses will be covered for you and one companion.

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Donating your eggs is a life-changing experience, and it stays in your heart forever.  You’ll hear about the parents you are helping, can receive a letter from them, and may hear the outcome (upon request).

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