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Your personalized matching process

Becoming a surrogate is a major decision, and we’re so grateful you’re considering us to guide you throughout this process. Over 99% of Hatch surrogates have a successful conception and birth. When matching surrogates and intended parents, your Hatch team looks for that ideal combination of abstract and concrete qualities. We will strive to find your best match.

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What to expect during the matching process

With Hatch, your social fit is our top priority. Your surrogacy coordinator will work closely with you to understand your wants and needs so we can recommend the most compatible matches. For your safety and peace of mind, everyone involved—from surrogates to intended parents—are pre-screened extensively prior to matching.

During the matching process, your coordinator will present one intended parent match at a time. Often, the first match is the clear winner for both you and the intended parents. We work hard to get the match right the first time. We measure success not by "time to match" but "time to pregnancy". 

Once you and your intended parents mutually approve the recommendation, a video match meeting will be facilitated by the intended parent coordinator to allow for a proper introduction. Your coordinators will then check in and confirm you’re all comfortable moving forward. Once this is done, we hit the ground running to schedule your in-person surrogate medical screening.

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Matching criteria for surrogates and intended parents

On average, our matching process takes around three months. The length of the process depends on the criteria of the surrogate and intended parents. Some matches are almost immediate, while others take time to curate and find exactly what everyone is looking for.

We balance medical and social criteria to provide everyone with a relationship that brings them joy and happiness. Many of our clients maintain friendships long after the pregnancy has concluded.

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Social fit

This is composed of two criteria: compatible personalities and compatible desires for your journey.

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Medical fit

This is determined by the intended parent’s reproductive endocrinologist.

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Legal fit

Some states are more compatible than others for a specific match, and Hatch only works with surrogates located in surrogacy-friendly states.

Note: Some states have new restrictions for single, same-sex, or parents using donor gametes.

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Financial fit

Costs vary for each surrogacy journey, which are determined by a number of variables. We align financial needs to accomodate for both parties.

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How to prepare for your match

Throughout this exciting time, it’s important you maintain consistent communication with your coordinator at Hatch, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and keep a positive mindset. Providing your surrogacy team at Hatch with pictures that represent you and your family makes this process much easier. 

Intended parents will provide a letter and pictures for your potential surrogacy that describes who they are, why they’re choosing surrogacy, and what this journey means to their family.

To find your match as quickly as possible, follow these tips: 

  • Be transparent and open about what you’re looking for 
  • Trust your medical professional
  • Trust your surrogacy coordinator’s expertise
  • Keep an open mind
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Experience a surrogacy journey like no other

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Apply to be a surrogate

Join the most prestigious surrogacy program in the nation. Change the lives of families globally through the power of parenthood and join the Hatch family.

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Give the gift of family

As a member of the Hatch surrogacy family, you’ll be supported and loved by our past and current community of selfless, brave women. Hear what some of our past surrogates have to say, and what they’d like to say to you.

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Matching for life-long bonds

At Hatch, we specialize in finding the perfect social fit between you and your intended parents with the hope that you’ll form a special connection that may continue past your surrogacy journey.

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Change the lives of families around the world

As a surrogate, you’re bringing intended parent’s dreams to life. Many intended parents turn to surrogacy because they cannot conceive or carry a pregnancy to term by themselves, and you’re empowering them to realize their dreams of family. Read one surrogate's journey with Hatch.

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Looking for your surrogate?

Match with the perfect surrogate to bring your dreams of a family member to life. With the top surrogate candidates in the U.S., your baby will be in the best of care.

Check out our FAQ videos

Types of Surrogacy

Will the baby I carry as a surrogate be related to me?

Matching Process

What is considered in the matching process to match me with intended parents?

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Meet our Surrogate Coordinator: Shoshannah Ingersoll

As a previous four-time gestational surrogate, I have had the honor of carrying and delivering healthy babies for a single mom, a gay couple, an Australian couple, and a domestic traditional couple with the support of our amazing staff. I have devoted the last 10 years of my life to working in third-party reproduction and look forward to many more years to come. 

From the moment I found Hatch, I knew that this agency was different. My firsthand experience as a surrogate inspired me to pursue my dream career in the fertility field at the most loving program for surrogates, donors, and intended parents alike.  

I'm proud to work with an exceptional team of women who are passionate about making a difference in the world. My husband and two beautiful children are the loves of my life. I feel whole knowing that I’m playing a part in a process that gives intended parents the most wonderful gift in the world: the gift of family.


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