Meet Hatch

With Hatch, you’ll be connected with the nation’s leading fertility clinics. We work closely with all parties involved to ensure that the pregnancy is happy and healthy.

Know you're in the best of hands, whether you’re an intended parent, surrogate, or egg donor, with an agency that has set the standard for third-party reproduction.

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Types of Surrogacy

One of the most common questions I get from surrogates who are just starting their research is ‘Will the baby I carry as a surrogate be related to me?’

Discover the difference between traditional and gestational surrogacy, and why Hatch only promotes gestational surrogacy. During this type of surrogacy, the embryo is created before the transfer and not related to the surrogate.

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Why IPs need a Surrogate

During surrogacy, intended parents are counting on the generosity of an incredible woman to help them start or grow their family.

Staying informed is essential to embarking on your surrogacy journey and forming a strong bond with your intended parents. To start with, learn the various reasons why intended parents may seek out surrogacy services.

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Screening process

If you’re just getting started as a surrogate, you may be wondering what the screening process is going to entail for you.

Uncover the thorough surrogate screening process from an agency that has set the standards for proper procedure.

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Surrogate qualifications

The most important thing to consider when embarking on surrogacy is that you’re doing it for the right reasons. That you’re motivated to help make a family possible.

At Hatch, we strive to make sure that all surrogates experience a positive journey with no regrets. That’s why we require surrogate qualifications, designed to protect your mental and physical health and wellbeing every step of the way. 

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Matching Criteria

An essential factor to a wonderful surrogacy journey is that you feel comfortable and happy with your matched intended parents.

Learn how Hatch guides your matching process with intended parents as a surrogate, so you can achieve a great social fit and form lasting bonds.

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Choose my surrogacy agency

It’s important that whatever surrogacy program you work with is considerate of you and your family.

Understand why your chosen surrogacy agency will set the tone for your journey. And recognize indicators of a good one, like staff with surrogacy experience, a sound legal process, a perfect social fit, competitive compensation packages you deserve and more.

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Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy

Surrogacy is very common today, and it involves using a gestational carrier, a woman who has a normal uterus, to carry someone else’s embryos to have a child.

Gestational surrogacy is more expensive because it involves in vitro fertilization (IVF), but it is the more ethical and simpler path forward for all parties involved.

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Having a positive experience

Your surrogacy agency should take the time to get to know you, your wants, your needs, what you’re looking for out of this process, and they should be accessible to you throughout this journey.

From working with staff who have experience as surrogates themselves to matching with similar-minded intended parents, there are many ways to increase your chances of having a positive surrogacy journey.

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Rules surrogates need to follow

As a surrogate, you’re making miracles possible and everything you’re doing for someone else is so deeply appreciated and so meaningful.

You may be wondering how the rules of a surrogate pregnancy differ from your previous normal one(s)? Every contract will outline items to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy for you and your baby. Watch the full video to learn what these rules entail.

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Lauren Zeut - Egg donor

Before I knew it, I donated my eggs for the first, second, and third time. I quickly realized it made me feel so purposeful amidst something that can be a defeating process and time in people’s lives. 

Meet Lauren Zeut, a three-time egg donor who has partnered with Hatch to bring awareness to and normalize the fulfilling egg donation process.

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Becoming an Egg Donor

At Hatch, your emotional health is our top priority because we want to ensure you are completely comfortable with egg donation.

Considering donating your eggs? Have complete peace of mind with Hatch’s agency, where your donation will help highly screened intended parents have a loving family.

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Understanding Egg Donation

Because of ovarian aging, because age affects the ovaries, many women will need to resort to egg donation to have a child.

Learn how to overcome female-factor infertility by using Hatch’s egg donation services, and make your dream of having a baby a reality.

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