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How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid?

The gift of parenthood and new life is priceless, and surrogates should be valued for their selflessness. No two surrogates are alike, and Hatch’s compensation packages are designed to be all-encompassing of your needs. Let’s cover what you can expect as compensation for your time as a surrogate and other expenses and benefits that may arise.

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Benefits for Surrogates at Hatch

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Perks Before Pregnancy

Receive bonuses for medical clearance and legal clearance.

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Lost Wages

Remain compensated during your time off work throughout your pregnancy as necessary. Applicable to your partner if needed.

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Household Allowance

Live your healthiest lifestyle during pregnancy without having to worry about any additional cost.

surrogate child care allowances

Child Care Allowances

To help manage your family’s needs during the pregnancy as medically-needed.

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Personalized Gifts

We like to spoil you during this special time. From flowers, to gift cards, to pregnancy pillows, you’ll be taken care of.

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Pregnancy Bonuses

You will be compensated for twin pregnancies, C-sections and additional IVF transfers. Learn more in our benefits packages.

Understanding Pay for Surrogates

Our surrogate packages are comprehensive and well-planned for your fertility journey. To focus on a healthy and successful journey, we provide full transparency into your compensation as a surrogate and package your payments in a simple way that takes the stress off you.

How Do I Get Paid as a Surrogate?

As a surrogate, also known as a gestational carrier, you will be paid compensation throughout the duration of your pregnancy. Surrogate pay with Hatch includes base compensation, payments before, during, and after pregnancy, and additional benefits from your intended parents and Hatch.

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California Surrogate Compensation Packages

Many of our Intended Parents want to work with surrogates residing in California due to the favorable laws for surrogacy. Compensation for surrogates in California is competitive, however, it is impossible to value the life-changing gift you’re giving through monetary means.

In-state compensation packages start with a compensation package estimated at $66,100 for first-time surrogates, and increases by $10,000 for each successful surrogacy.

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Out-of-State Surrogate Compensation Packages

For surrogates residing outside of California, compensation remains comprehensive and competitive to balance out the added travel expenses for the intended parents. At Hatch, we welcome surrogates from any state with surrogacy-friendly laws, and offer top compensation and travel expenses covered for the necessary trips and medical procedures throughout your journey.

Out-of-state surrogate compensation packages start with a compensation package estimated at $61,100 for first-time surrogates, and increases by $10,000 for each successful surrogacy.

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How To Become a Hatch Surrogate

Bring new life into the world while receiving comprehensive compensation, so you can focus solely on having a healthy pregnancy.

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Apply To Be a Surrogate

Join the most prestigious surrogacy program in the nation. With an unmatched village of surrogates and world-renowned fertility services at your side, change the lives of families globally. Share the power of new life and join the Hatch family today.

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Qualification and Screening

To ensure the surrogacy experience is healthy and happy, you will undergo social, medical and psychological screenings. We do this to ensure a positive, uncomplicated journey for you and your intended parents.

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The Perfect Match

Your surrogate care coordinator will get to know you to understand who you are and what you’re looking for during this journey. We specialize in finding the perfect social fit between you and your intended parents with the hope that you’ll form a special connection that may continue past your surrogacy.

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Change the Lives of Families Around the World

As a surrogate, you’re bringing intended parent’s dreams to life. Many intended parents turn to surrogacy because they cannot conceive or carry a pregnancy to term by themselves, and you’re empowering them to realize their dreams of family. Learn more about one surrogates journey with Hatch.

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Begin Your Surrogacy Journey Today


Stay up-to-date and informed with resources on egg donation, surrogacy and parenthood.

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Have questions about further surrogate requirements or how to get started on your journey? Our specialists are here to listen and guide you throughout this exciting time.