Explore Third-Party Fertility Services That Stretch Far Beyond the Borders of the United States

At Hatch, we safely guide international intended parents through the journey to parenthood. See where we’ve offered our services and created families worldwide.

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Hear from our international intended parents

"Hatch was great. Shoshannah (Lead Surrogate Coordinator) was incredibly knowledgeable on all matters legal, insurance, medical, and travel. Hatch was very organized and experienced in helping foreign parents."

- British international intended parents.

"Hatch was an excellent agency! They were helpful from day one! We are very thankful because of them we could have a perfect match! Found a beautiful surrogate who made our dream true. I can only recommend this agency they will help through the journey. Take it for granted!"

- International Parents, 2021
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Edvin, intended parent and Hatch's International Manager

Consult an International Intended Parent and Hatch’s International Manager, Edvin.

"As my 4-year-old daughter and newborn son was born through surrogacy and IVF in the US while I was living in Europe, I experienced all aspects of being an international intended parent—both positive and challenging.

I’ve been in your shoes and understand how daunting—but also rewarding—it can be to initiate a surrogacy journey in the United States when living outside of the country.

That’s why I’m available to share my insights and experiences. Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions related to being an international intended parent, or to book a consultation to learn how Hatch can provide the expertise you need to build your family. I can’t wait to hear from you.”

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How Hatch Helps International Intended Parents Navigate Egg Donation & Surrogacy With Confidence

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International Egg Donation and Surrogacy: The Process From Consultation to Returning Home


Initial Consultation

Upon initial consultation, our specialists will determine your third-party reproduction needs—and explain how your family-building journey can be facilitated from your location.


Meeting the Hatch Team

At this stage, you will meet your entire care team virtually. They will be responsible for following you through the whole journey.


Donor Match and/or Embryo Creation

If using your eggs, you will need to visit the US for the egg retrieval procedure. However, sperm can be shipped internationally.


The Surrogate Matching Process

If seeking a surrogate, you’ll work closely with our team to find the best surrogate based on your preferences.


Legal Agreements

After your surrogate match has been confirmed and medically cleared, you'll receive legal counsel to draft necessary agreements.


The Embryo Transfer

Now’s the time for the embryo transfer. Although not all international intended parents will need to visit, those carrying the pregnancy will.


Confirmation of Pregnancy

Pregnancy will be confirmed via a blood test at this stage - whether you're using a surrogate, egg donor or both. Congratulations to having made this milestone on your journey!


Travel for Delivery

At this stage, you’re preparing for the final and most exciting stage (and visit!) of your third-party reproductive journey: the delivery of your healthy, happy baby.


Establishing Parental Rights

As you near the end of your journey, your lawyer and supporting agency must ensure that your legal parental rights are established at this point.


Traveling Home With Your Bundle of Joy

Finally, the time has come to bathe in the joys of having a newborn, and travel back to your home country when you feel ready.

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Mother and her baby

Don’t Let Location Delay Your Dream of Family

Join thousands of international intended parents who have trusted Hatch to lead their assisted reproduction journey. Whether you’re looking for the top five percent of donor or surrogate candidates, or a due legal process that’s not available in your country, we have the compassionate care and high quality services to give you a 99+% success rate in building your family.