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Egg Donor Requirements: What Makes a Good Donor?

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Do you want to do something meaningful with your life?

Something that will last forever?

Have you thought about egg donation?

It’s a gift that means the world. But there are certain requirements that donors must have.

When a couple decides on egg donation in order to have a baby, they give up a lot of time, trust, and money to find the right egg donor. Because of this, we only select the best egg donors possible.

If you are considering whether to donate your eggs, here is our guide on what makes a good donor.

Must Be the Right Age

All egg donor agencies have age restrictions on who can donate. Typically, we will take women between the ages of 20 and 30. We do this to protect both the eggs and egg donor.

Must Be Older than 20

Teenagers are not allowed to donate because they need to be able to handle the process both physically and emotionally. It’s a big decision to donate eggs, and teenagers may not realize the effect this decision will have on them.

It is also physically taxing once the process starts. There will be medications, injections, and appointments to stay on top of. It’s best if the woman is independent and can take care of herself and be responsible.

Younger than 30

As women age, the quality and quantity of the eggs decline. While women can have children through their 30’s, we prefer to use younger women, so the IVF doctor is able to harvest a higher number of healthy eggs.

IVF is a big commitment for both the donor and the intended parents. To have better odds of successful treatment, we need a certain number of eggs from the same donor. In this case, quality and quantity are both extremely important.

Physical and Mental Health

Being in good physical and mental health is a necessity when deciding to donate your eggs. Donors will be asked to fill out an extensive medical evaluation along with a psychological evaluation. This is to make sure you are ready to donate both physically and emotionally.

We will also ask about family histories such as cancer, diabetes, or congenital health problems. It is imperative that you are completely honest on this part of the evaluation as there may be hereditary conditions that could be passed on to the baby.

Personality Traits

Just the fact that you are considering donating your eggs shows that you are a charitable person. The other personality traits that are important in egg donors include being:

  • Responsible: Must keep appointments.
  • Self-motivated: Is independent enough to follow through with all the procedures.
  • Tough: Able to go through medical tests that include needles and blood draws.
  • Selfless: Willing to sacrifice time for another family.
  • Flexible and willing to travel: Must be willing to adjust your schedule as needed for clinical appointments. Some travel may be necessary.
  • Educated: It’s not mandatory to have a 4.0 from an Ivy League school, but some education would help.

Physical Traits

All donors are encouraged to apply regardless of race or ethnic group. But the donors that are in highest demand right now are those of Asian, East Indian, or Jewish descent.
Other physical traits that are frequently requested are lighter eyes, taller in stature and athletic. Again, these are not requirements, but demand for these traits are higher.

Ready to Donate Your Eggs?

If you think you are a good fit to donate your egg for a couple who wants to start a family, don’t hesitate to start an application. It’s a decision that will affect many lives for the better: your own and the lives of the family you can help build.

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