egg donor qualities

Becoming an Egg Donor: Qualities that Make a Great Candidate


Becoming an egg donor means giving the gift of life to a couple, answering their dreams, and irrevocably changing their lives with an extraordinary gesture, one that stays in your heart forever. We call it a ticket to heaven. There are thousands of young women who have donated their eggs to infertile parents; most of them, in fact, have repeated their donations.  You may wonder if you are suitable for becoming an egg donor.

Here is a list of the criteria we look for when evaluating an egg donor:

  • You have a loving heart and humanitarian motivations for becoming an egg donor.  We think egg donation should be both emotionally and financially rewarding.
  • Health History. You need to have a family health history that is reasonable.  It does not need to be perfect but it does need to be free of genetic disease and not laden with serious congenital illnesses and early death. 
  • Mental Health History. It is very important that your family has a stable mental health history free of psychological problems.  We are looking for responsible, positive, emotionally mature, and psychologically sound donors.  It is important to be able to follow the directions of the physician’s office and show up on time.  The medications you are asked to take for several days during the retrieval are not difficult to administer but they are precise and you must take care to administer them correctly. 
  • Age and Weight. The ideal age for an egg donor is 21 to 30 years, although there is some slight flexibility.   Typically the doctors recommend that donors weigh under 160 pounds.
  • A donor’s physical characteristics and ethnicity are very important to potential parents.  They are most often wanting to match themselves closely, so photos from various ages, past and present, and family photos are in every profile we present.  These images really help donors to get chosen so parents can select a donor who has similar physical features.
  • It is very appealing to parents to think that their baby will be smart, so they can offer educational opportunities.  A college degree is a nice asset for an egg donor and a higher educational degree is even more sought after.  If you have not furthered your education beyond high school but you are a good writer, successful in your chosen career, and an interested and engaging person, this will be very appealing to parents.
  • Special Qualities. If you have a talent, athletic prowess, creative art ability, and any special awards, that is wonderful.  The recipient's Parents would love to be able to brag about you.
  • You should not be on medications, you should not smoke, and you should not do drugs.  We want you to be in a safe lifestyle, not be over-stressed, and have no more than one sexual partner
Congratulations on considering such a life changing event.  In answering the dreams of Intended Parents we hope that you are one step closer to making your own dreams come true. You can read more about becoming an egg donor and donor compensation here.