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Egg Donor Programs: How To Choose the Right One for You

Hatch Fertility
Written by Hatch Fertility

If you've decided to become an egg donor, choosing the right agency to lead you through the process is essential. 

There are many questions involved. Is egg donation for you? What does it take to enroll in an egg donation program? What forms of care should you look for? This blog will equip you with knowledge you need to know when evaluating egg donor programs. 

Factors you need to consider when choosing the right program to donate your eggs

A thorough egg donor screening process that protects you

A strong egg donor program should thoroughly screen potential egg donors. This means that they need to check if you are eligible to donate eggs, and should also evaluate your

  • Medical history
  • Family background
  • Lifestyle
  • And health conditions

The reputation of the egg donor agency

Look into the reputation of the egg donor program you’re considering and even try reading online reviews to get more insight into their practices. 

Take your time while researching egg donor programs. If you decide to talk to someone over the phone, they should provide you with helpful information and resources but should not try to pressure you into making an immediate decision. After all, you want it to be the right decision for you!

The support provided by the agency

Find out how much support you will receive from the agency before, during and after the egg retrieval and your donation. Will they offer a care coordinator? Will they break your journey down into small, manageable steps? And offer all the resources you need to feel informed throughout the egg donation process? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

The best, safest practices during the egg retrieval process

This is where you need to think carefully about the egg donor program you are using. Are they following safe practices during the egg retrieval procedure? What happens to the embryos created during the donation? Are any extra embryos destroyed after the transfer, or does the clinic offer to freeze and store live embryos for the intended parents? 

It would help to answer all these important questions before deciding which egg donor program to choose.


The compensation you receive from the egg donor program is something else you need to consider. Find out how much money you will get for donating your eggs, and price compare or see if your desired program will match another’s offer. 

Choose an egg donor program that meets your needs

When it comes to the priceless service and gift of egg donation, you want to make sure you’re choosing a high-quality egg donor program. It would help to consider the factors discussed above before enrolling in an egg donor program. If you are looking for a reliable egg donor agency, don't hesitate to contact us today. We ensure that all the above factors are catered for.