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7 Hospital Bag Essentials for Surrogates: What You Need for Delivery

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Written by Hatch Fertility

As a surrogate, you’re offering your energy and body to provide the ultimate happiness to couples in need. That’s a true act of compassion, so you deserve to feel comfortable and cared for during the final step in this process: the delivery. 

At the Egg Donation & Surrogacy Program, we know that having a few self-care essentials at the hospital during birth can help you feel prepared and calm. If you’re still planning and packing your overnight bags, consider including the following practical and comforting items: 

A Few Comfy Outfits 

Delivering a baby is hard work, and you should be comfortable the whole time. This is why, if you can, you may want to consider ditching that scratchy hospital gown in favor of something a little more comfortable and stylish. A cute delivery gown checks both boxes. In addition, be sure to pack comfy options that you can wear for the trip back home, like leggings or sweats. 

Postpartum Panties 

You’ll also want a little added protection under your postpartum wardrobe. Since bleeding is totally normal after labor, think about picking up a few pairs of top-rated postpartum panties.

This type of underwear provides a more comfortable and sustainable option for women — although you could also choose to wear the more traditional pads or adult diapers, during your recovery. 

Extra Phone Chargers 

As you prepare for delivery, you may need to reach out to the intended parents or your support network. Be sure to pack a charger for your phone in your hospital bag. If you want to avoid the hassle of finding an outlet, you could also pick up a portable charger or power bank for your smartphone instead.

Healthy Snacks 

Getting a meal in after delivery can be a challenge. This is why so many expectant parents choose to pack a few comforting and filling snacks in their hospital bags. If your labor is a long one, those snacks can also come in handy for replenishing your energy. You may also find it helpful to include a few candies or lozenges to keep your mouth from feeling dry during labor. 

Coconut Water 

Labor is a workout, and that’s why you may need energy-boosting snacks during and after. But you will also need to make sure you stay hydrated. While water is best, coconut water can also help to replenish electrolytes lost during labor and delivery — not to mention that coconut water is also packed with other health perks that can help you feel your best postpartum. 

Perineal Spray 

After you’ve given birth, your private parts may be raw and sensitive. You can soothe this sensitive area with a good quality numbing spray. Earth Mama Perineal Spray and Frida Mom Perineal Healing Foam are just two of parents’ top picks. Use these products generously postpartum to minimize swelling and calm irritated skin that can make it hard to relax. 

Video Chat Apps 

Being a surrogate can be such a rewarding experience, but it can also be an emotionally challenging one, especially around the delivery. You need to have a strong support system to work through this difficult time, so again, make sure you have access to that network during your hospital stay. Since actual visits may not be allowed, virtual connections may be best. Download a video chat app to your phone and use your charger to keep it ready, just in case. 

Next steps for your surrogacy journey

Bringing a baby into the world takes a lot of hard work and energy, especially when you are doing so for someone else. Through all of the pain and exhaustion, just remember that you are giving a couple the most precious gift. Also, remember to take care of yourself and to bring a few extras in your hospital bag to keep you comfortable during the delivery and after. You deserve those little bits of comfort after such a compassionate journey! 

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