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Top 5 Surrogacy Agencies for Intended Parents & Surrogates

Hatch Fertility
Written by Hatch Fertility

Are you thinking of becoming a surrogate or a parent through surrogacy? If so, you need to start by researching the best surrogate agencies. Doing this ensures you get nothing but the best family-building services out there.

For starters, surrogacy is not a journey that you can embark on blindly. It is a process that requires all involved parties to understand what they are signing up for. Today, we take a comprehensive look at the top five surrogacy agencies to look out for to help you get started.

  1. Hatch Fertility | Egg Donation & Surrogacy 
  2. Circle Surrogacy 
  3. ConceiveAbilities
  4. Same Love Surrogacy
  5. Elite Woman Surrogacy

1. Hatch Fertility

Established in 1991, Hatch Fertility helps intended parents get the perfect match. It is the most established surrogacy and egg donor agency in the U.S. and has done over 8,000 successful journeys, thus making it top of our list for 2024. Intended parents get access to the highly unique Peace of Mind Program, which is a fixed fee to cover every expense needed on both the medical and agency side until live birth. Hatch is a favorite with surrogates who get personalized assistance and competitive compensation throughout the entire process.

With Hatch Egg Donation & Surrogacy, you get a wide range of services. This includes IVF medical services, counseling and support, legal counsel, loan financing, screening & matching, escrow management, and case management. Hatch also offers a 99.5% success rate (the highest in the industry) and partners with the world’s top reproductive specialists —all to give intended parents the best chance of going home with their bundle of joy. 

2. Circle Surrogacy

With a 99.3% success rate, Circle surrogacy is our second-best choice for both intended parents and surrogates. Apart from helping a diverse community of parents within the U.S., the agency also supports international parents from more than 70 countries. It has worked for over 25 years helping members of the LGBTQ+ build their families.

Several fixed fee options, covering agency services only, are offered by Circle Surrogacy to make the process easier. For example, a sibling journey, using a personal or independent surrogate, or egg donation only. Therefore, there is something for everyone – depending on your preference.

3. ConceiveAbilities

Third on our list has to be ConceiveAbilities due to its stellar reputation within the industry and long track record. Its system is designed to guide intending parents through the entire process. And the agency is equipped to take care of everything, including legal work.

ConceiveAbilities also includes egg donor support in addition to a strong surrogate matching process. However, the qualification process to become a surrogate is rather tedious.

4. Same Love Surrogacy

An excellent agency for surrogates, Same Love Surrogacy offers strong surrogate support group functions and is committed to taking the best care of its surrogates. 

Like Hatch Egg Donation & Surrogacy, they ensure that their surrogates are not pressured to pursue partaking in the service because it is a sole source of income. They have a thorough list of surrogate expenses covered within all surrogate contracts, and their compensation and benefits plan is top-notch.

5. Elite Woman Surrogacy

Last but not least, Elite Woman Surrogacy offers great support for intended parents and surrogates alike. They break the journey down into manageable steps and explain every process. 

Another great benefit is they partner with all the resources intended parents need —IVF clinics, escrows, and attorneys —further simplifying the logistics of their journey. And they have compassionate staff dedicated to creating a positive experience for both parties. 

Choosing the Best Surrogacy Agency for Your Journey

The agency you pick is vital in your surrogacy journey - whether you are an egg donor, surrogate, or intended parent. Therefore, ensure you choose the best surrogate agency out there that suits your needs. At Hatch Egg Donation & Surrogacy, we can help you achieve your surrogacy journey. Contact us to make your miracle happen.