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The Difference Between Independent Surrogacy & Using a Surrogacy Agency

Many women seek an independent surrogacy journey for different reasons. Find out if independent surrogacy is the best choice for your surrogacy journey.

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What Is Independent Surrogacy?

Also called “Private Surrogacy,” independent surrogacy is the process of facilitating your own surrogacy experience without the support of an agency like Hatch. 

Being an independent surrogate means you find and screen your own intended parent match, and oversee the coordination of medical processes throughout IVF, pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery. You also handle the financial and legal aspects of your case.

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The Benefits of Independent Surrogacy

Going the “independent” route often appeals to surrogates for a variety of reasons, which may include lowering costs for intended parents, removing the third-party mediator and opting for direct contact with the intended parents, establishing your own compensation package, or starting a repeat journey with the same intended parents. 

Additionally, independent surrogacy allows intended parents to pursue surrogates who are missing agency qualifications (such as BMI, personal or medical history), or desire intended parents who do not wish to terminate or reduce pregnancy under any circumstances. 

While some of these are valid considerations for the parties involved, it’s often much more complicated than this. Let’s explore some of these risks to understand what independent surrogacy looks like.

The Drawbacks of Independent Surrogacy ➜

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The Drawbacks of Independent Surrogacy

It’s important to understand the implications of independent surrogacy for everyone involved. These include: 

  • Many services are more difficult to find and access, especially for new intended parents or surrogates.
  • Attorney fees can result in higher legal costs as you consult with them throughout the surrogacy process.
  • Without counseling and contact coordination, the IPs and surrogates may not get the emotional support necessary.

Because of these drawbacks, pursuing surrogacy without an agency is generally more challenging. Intended parents must consider their comfort level with the surrogacy journey. Evaluate your relationships and support systems for the intended parents before deciding whom to choose for support.

Why Parents and Surrogates Choose Hatch ➜

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Independent Surrogacy FAQs for Intended Parents and Surrogates

Below we cover a few commonly asked questions surrounding independent surrogacy from both intended parents and surrogates. Read to learn more.

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