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People that inspire us

As the first egg donation agency in the U.S., we’ve been making families possible since 1991. But we don’t work alone--here are some of the wonderful individuals we have the privilege of working with.


Abi Lowe



I am Abi and I am a gestational carrier in Boise, Idaho, currently carrying for two hopeful dads from Israel! They have been through many ups and downs together but are staying hopeful! She documents her journey, as well as surrogacy information and education, on her Instagram page


Jason & Joe


Path to parenthood | Egg donation and Surrogacy

Jason and Joe have been together over 10 years and their twins, Ethan and Lucas, just tuned 7. As a family, they love exploring and traveling with them and they also love very low-key movie nights.


Luca Andrisani


Path to parenthood | Egg donation and Surrogacy

We are Elena, Jaime and Luca and we are a family just like any other. We started our Instagram account in 2018.


Lauren Zeut


Egg Donor

I'm 30 years old and an Executive Protocol Director for a university in Washington State. In my free time I love to hike, climb, ski and travel, as well as spend time with family and friends. I have donated eggs five times and I'm currently trying to get pregnant myself.


Sarah Jimenez



I am a busy mother of 4, a full-time, middle school administrator, and a proud surrogate! I strive to live my life making the most of all my opportunities while also being intentional about showing gratitude through service. I love building community by fostering dialogues that encourage us all to look outside of our own experiences in order to extend more empathy and grace out into the world

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