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Surrogacy Costs

If you're an intended parent considering gestational surrogacy with IVF to bring your family to life, pricing and costs around surrogacy aren't often transparent. Here, we'll go over all of your associated costs and expenses with surrogacy at Hatch Egg Donation & Surrogacy.

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How much does a surrogate cost?

On average, your surrogacy journey can cost anywhere from $90,000 to $200,000.


Where you fall in this range will depend on surrogate compensation, medical needs, whether you need an egg donor, IVF costs, attorney fees, and more. Surrogacy costs can be broken down into four main categories: 

  1. Professional fees: this may include costs for all matching, screening, legal, accounting, medical billing and other as-needed processes. 
  2. Surrogate compensation: This is the benefits package provided to your surrogate for the journey.
  3. IVF expenses: these encompass embryo creation, screenings, transfers, monitoring and medications. 
  4. Medical and insurance expenses: these include additional surrogate payments, complications, copayments and deductibles, life insurance, insurance verification, and a possible back-up policy.
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Surrogacy pricing packages at Hatch

Nobody likes hidden fees, and we strive to provide transparent, affordable care for anyone that walks through our (virtual) doors. To make surrogacy more affordable, we break the Hatch program fee into two payments. You will experience one of the most inclusive program fees across the country.

At Hatch, your payment will be broken up into three main parts: surrogate compensation, program fees, and additional costs. You can view an itemized surrogate cost estimate for your journey to better understand where these costs come from.

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Base surrogate fee

Your surrogate’s base pay, determined by location and experience.

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IVF transfer fee

This fee covers you or your donor's egg retrieval, fertilization, implantation and some testing procedures during the IVF cycle.

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Pregnancy allowances

This covers associated expenses with surrogacy, such as appointment parking, gas, and any other fees.

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Lost wages

This compensates your surrogate (and her partner, if necessary) for their time spent away from work during and after pregnancy.

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Maternity clothing allowance

This begins at the start of your surrogate's second trimester. 

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Travel expenses

For any necessary hotel stays, plane tickets, rental cars, and more.

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What’s included within a surrogacy agency fee

Working with a surrogacy agency is often essential for you and your surrogate to have a positive, smooth experience throughout this emotional and sometimes exhausting journey.

Because there are so many moving parts across the surrogacy journey, it’s best to let experienced professionals manage the process so you can best focus on preparing for the arrival of your new family member. In addition, working with an agency takes much stress off your surrogate so they can focus on preparing themselves and delivering a happy, healthy baby at the end of the process.

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Legal, travel and financial fees

Selecting a surrogate near your IVF clinic can lower your costs. If you select a surrogate that requires travel for procedures and check-ins, you’ll need to plan for two to three trips of hotel rooms, transportation, meals, and more. 

Additionally, legal fees surrounding the surrogacy process can range anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000 for intended parents. This includes the attorney fees for both you and your surrogate, and additional court costs. 

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Build your family with help from Hatch

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Find a surrogate

You’ll have access to the top 5% of surrogate candidates in the nation. Your coordinator will guide you throughout every step of this process, with every question addressed.

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Find an egg donor

Select an egg donor from the 5% of candidates nation-wide. All are thoroughly screened on such attributes as health, attractiveness, intelligence, athleticism, and more.

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Medical and financial screening

Just as our surrogates and egg donors undergo screening, we’ll spend time getting to know you to ensure the best chance of a healthy, happy pregnancy and beyond with your newest family member.

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Ready for your newest family member?

Whether you’re a first-time intended parent seeking answers or experienced with the surrogacy process, you’ll feel at-home and welcomed at Hatch.
Talk to our team of family-building experts and begin your journey toward parenthood today.

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