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Your Well-Being Is Our Top Priority

We have carefully crafted our surrogacy requirements and qualifications to ensure that your surrogacy journey is filled with health and positivity. If you are contemplating surrogacy, we urge you to take a moment to assess the following criteria and determine if it aligns with your path forward.


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Requirements for Surrogacy

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U.S. Citizen

Surrogacy requires long-term residency or US citizenship due to the extensive nature of the medical and legal process.

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Healthy BMI

Maximum BMI of 32 to mitigate the risk of pregnancy complications.

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Healthy Pregnancy History

A history of at least one full-term, uncomplicated pregnancy and regular menstruation cycles.

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Age 21-42

At the time you are matched, you must be between these ages to lower chances of pregnancy risk.

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Healthy, Stable Lifestyle

That excludes psychiatric medications, drinking, smoking and drug consumption before and during the pregnancy. 

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Willing to take hormone injections and fertility medications consistently

Not using Depo-Provera

Strong support system of family and friends

Physically and psychologically healthy

Willing to allow intended parents to make medical decisions

Align with altruistic, humanitarian motivations

Regular menstrual cycles

Open to sharing the birthing experience and pregnancy with intended parents

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Change the Lives of Families Around the World

By becoming a surrogate, you have the incredible power to bring the hopes and dreams of intended parents to fruition. For many, surrogacy is the path they choose when they are unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy on their own. Through your selfless act, you are empowering them to achieve their lifelong dream of starting a family. Discover the inspiring journey of one surrogate with Hatch and be inspired.

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Next Steps for Your Surrogacy Journey

When you join our program and meet the qualifications for surrogacy, we will form a bond and take the time to truly understand you. At Hatch, we strive to make you feel embraced, uplifted, and cherished throughout your entire surrogacy experience.

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Apply To Be a Surrogate

Join the most prestigious surrogacy program in the nation. With an unmatched network of surrogates and world-renowned fertility services at your side, change the lives of families globally. Share the power of parenthood and join the Hatch family today.

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Unparalleled Compensation

Receive one of the most comprehensive compensation packages in the field and enjoy gifts throughout the pregnancy to make your experience more comfortable, including in-house meals, comfort items, a $1,000 gift for your children’s education, and a post-pregnancy vacation for your family.

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Matching for the Perfect Social Fit

Your surrogate care coordinator will get to know you to understand who you are and what you’re looking for during this journey. We specialize in finding the perfect social fit between you and your recipient parents with the hope that you’ll form a special connection that may continue past your surrogacy.

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Welcome to a Nationwide Family of Surrogates

For over three decades, Hatch's surrogacy program has been welcoming women like you, who are eager to assist others in building a loving family. Become part of a compassionate community of resilient women who share the belief in bestowing the precious gift of parenthood.


Stay up-to-date and informed with resources on egg donation, surrogacy and parenthood.

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Connect With Us

Have questions about further surrogate requirements or how to get started on your surrogacy journey? Our specialists are here to listen and guide you throughout this exciting time.