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A Surrogate Letter to a Donor Angel

November 13, 2017

Dearest Egg Donor Angel,

I am a surrogate writing this letter of gratitude to you, egg donor, for making parenthood possible for my intended couple.  Our paths have never crossed, but I think of you often and bless you in my heart. I am the Gestational Surrogate who carried the embryo created for my Intended Parents because of your selfless gift of donating eggs. When I first met the Intended Mother, my heart ached for her because I knew she was already a mom in every other aspect of the word. She just needed a baby to care for.  I remember vividly, the peace she expressed when she came across your egg donor profile and you had every quality she wanted for her child and met every one of her egg donor requirements. She related to you because you shared a common ethnic background which was one of her goals, but even more so, she felt reassured by your warmth and your grace. She saw herself in you and it eased the worries she had of letting go of her own genetics on her quest to motherhood.  When I saw your picture, I could see why she chose you. It was not just your beauty which matched hers, but that you encompassed her same radiant free spirit.

I cycled alongside you, as a stranger, sending positive energy your way for all to go smoothly so that we would have healthy embryos to transfer.  On the day that we transferred the embryos, I was in awe of all of the efforts you, the wonderful egg donor, had put in to make that moment happen.  With much joy, we received the news that I was successfully pregnant, and the Intended Mom expressed again all of her gratitude for us both now that the exciting part of our journey had begun. When we received the exciting news that it was a boy, she wondered which of your qualities he would have.  Each step of the way was magical, and a day did not pass where we did not think of you and your selflessness.  I enjoyed a healthy full-term pregnancy and both Intended Parents were present for the labor and birth.  When we first heard their son cry, we all cried with relief and bliss that she was a mom at long last.

During the journey, the mom often wondered if her bonding would be impacted by not carrying the pregnancy herself and not being genetically related to her child due to use of an egg donor. Those fears swiftly melted when she held her perfect baby boy for the first time, and he gazed at her face as if he just knew that this was his mother. Because of you and through the egg donation process my Intended Parents went from being a couple to being a family. I have no words to fully capture the greatness of your acts, they are beyond measure. There is no price tag that can be affixed to such a gift. Seven years later, I am still in touch with the family, and I have visited with them and their son. When I look at him, I see his parents’ features and mannerisms now as if he has inherited their traits by osmosis, but that spark of your inner and outer beauty is still there.

So this is my letter to thank you for all that you have done to make this possible.  You have had a vital role in the creation of one of the most loving and joyful families I have ever known. If you ever wondered if all of the shots, the time, and the energy was worth it- rest assured that you have blessed a very deserving couple, and also created one of the luckiest little boys on this planet.  For lack of better words, thank you.


The Surrogate who carried your miracle.


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