What It’s Like To Be an Egg Donor: Q&A With One of Our Egg Donors

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Becoming an egg donor might seem daunting at first, but once you realize what a joyful and easy process donating eggs can be- you’ll feel confident about your generous decision. Egg donors all across the globe are helping people to build their dreams of having a family.

The best way to get a good idea of what egg donation entails is by learning about the process from someone who has performed an egg donation. Candid, transparent, honest conversations about this exciting process are important.

We sat down with one of our special egg donors and asked her a few questions to help others learn about what it’s like to be an egg donor.

Let’s get started!

1. What initially made you want to become an egg donor?

I had not even heard about egg donation until my older sister spoke to me about how amazing the process was. Her telling me about it prompted me to do my own research and I found it to be an incredible opportunity to make someone’s dreams come true.

2. Did you find conflicting information about the process? What were your concerns about some of the information you found online? Were your concerns valid or did you find them to be unnecessary?

There was not too much conflicting information as far as how the process is actually completed. There was information written on many different platforms such as blogs, magazines, Facebook articles etc. from different donors experiences. I was concerned about any pain associated with the cycle. There was no reason for my concern actually, I had minimal cramps and did feel bloated on occasion but nothing that extreme or to cause me any worry.

3. What was one of the most exciting parts of becoming an egg donor?

Initially, the most exciting part was being chosen for a cycle and learning a few details about who I would be donating to. It made everything more real. After everything was completed, I received a call letting me know that the couple that chose me was pregnant! I can not explain the feeling other than overwhelming and complete happiness. It was and is my favorite part.

4. Did you find injectable hormones to be easier or harder than you expected them to be? 

I found the injections to be so much easier than I thought! I was very thankful for that also because I had never experienced injections before this process. I asked many questions to the nurse and felt very comfortable with each injection.

5. If you were to do another egg donation, what would you change about the process and what would you keep the same?

There are a lot of moving parts to a cycle and I think that everything is coordinated to keep everyone on the same page the entire time and to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. I would not change anything about the process because everyone was very helpful and I always knew what I was doing and at what time.

6. Were you an anonymous or open donor, and why?

I chose to be anonymous and felt that way right from the start. Personally, I felt that I was only a small part of this new family's journey, and I was giving them a gift. For me, that was the biggest reward to know that I was a small part of their dream and could help them achieve the family that they have always wanted. That was enough satisfaction to keep me from being curious after the donation or wanting any further contact.

7. Egg donors often state that they feel a sort of euphoria after their retrieval. Did you experience that? 

Absolutely! The feeling of completing a cycle is a triumphant, ending-a-marathon type of feeling. I can not explain it as well as I would like, but it has always made me extremely grateful and happy to have gotten to experience it.

8. On a scale from 1-10, frankly tell us: how was the bloating?

We are our own worst critics, so for me, I think I thought about the bloating more than I actually experienced it. If I had to put a number I would say a 3. I feel bloated when I am experiencing PMS and feel that I must look terrible when those around me have no idea that I am bloated. I feel that the bloating I experienced during the cycle was similar to that.

9. What was the most difficult part of the process for you as an egg donor?

To be completely honest, the time management to get to my appointments. There were not many scheduled back to back but I underestimated how long it would take me to get from work to the doctors and I would call them and apologize for running a few minutes late. I hate being late but it happened more than once! I realized that when I know I have an appointment coming up, the best thing to do is leave with plenty of time to get there and then bring a book to read if I am early.

10. If you could tell egg donors everywhere one thing, what would it be?

You are giving a beautiful and generous gift to a family that has hoped and dreamed for this day to come. Enjoy that feeling and be proud of yourself. Ask as many questions that pop into your head, and enjoy the experience!

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