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Top 6 Benefits of Becoming an Egg Donor

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Young women can turn to egg donation as a way to prepare for their futures financially, but there are many benefits of egg donation that aren’t recognized through compensation. 

Becoming an egg donor is a fulfilling act that will change someone's life forever, and as a candidate for egg donation, you can benefit yourself and your intended parents significantly in many ways. 

For women considering egg donation, let’s go over the benefits and rewards of this exciting journey. 

6 reasons to become an egg donor 

If you are on the fence about whether egg donation is the right fit for you, consider these benefits to a process that is painless and life-changing for both the donor and recipient. 

1. Compensation and rewards

One of the main benefits of egg donation is the compensation involved. The money that you make as an egg donor can be life-changing. On average, egg donors typically make around $7,000 per cycle. At Hatch, compensation starts at $10,000, with additional compensation for subsequent donation cycles, academic and athletic achievements, personal characteristics, test scores, and more. 

And if you’re an egg donor outside of an egg donation-friendly state, travel may be required for egg retrieval and monitoring. If this is the case, you and a friend will receive full compensation and travel arrangements from the intended parents for a multiple-night stay. You’ll also receive personalized gifts and special touches from us at Hatch!  

2. Empowering intended parents 

There are so many reasons why people can't bring their families to life by themselves. Many intended parents hope to bring their children into the world for years, and finally turn to egg donation with IVF after consulting with their reproductive specialist. 

Egg donation is a critical part of empowering intended parents, from same-sex couples to women who struggle with infertility. One of the primary benefits of becoming an egg donor is that you’re helping intended parents achieve their dreams of family and offering a missing piece to their puzzle. 

Not everyone has a chance to be a hero, but providing hope and a path for intended parents who feel they’ve run out of options isn’t something they’ll ever forget. Many egg donors claim that they feel an indescribable level of fulfillment and joy knowing their cycles are helping others realize so much joy.  

3. Complimentary health evaluations

As you apply to become an egg donor, you’ll receive a comprehensive health evaluation from some of the best doctors in the world. This will cover your current physical health, fertility and any inheritable genetic conditions you may have to facilitate your own family planning, and help you prepare for the big-picture. If you’re currently experiencing a gap in health care, egg donation may be a way to fill that gap until you receive standard health insurance. 

4. Anonymity and legal protection

Becoming an egg donor is the most empowering way to help intended families while receiving significant compensation, and you get to remain completely anonymous throughout the entire process. 

This level of anonymity means your recipient parents won’t have any identifying information from you or be able to contact you for any reason. While communication can be facilitated throughout your coordinator at Hatch, your legal autonomy and identity will be upheld. 

Additionally, you’ll sign legal agreements provided by the intended parents and your egg donation agency to define parental rights, protect party anonymity, and gain your complete informed consent in giving up the legal rights to the eggs which are retrieved from your body. Hatch provides expert legal counsel referrals at no cost to donors to ensure that your decision to become an egg donor has your full consent and final approval.

5. No adverse health effects

Unlike other medical procedures people undergo for compensation, such as medical testing, there are no long-term health risks to women that participate in egg donation. Egg donation causes no forms of illness, nor does it lead to fertility problems with your reproductive system when it comes time for you to make your own family. 

If you have preexisting medical conditions that put you at risk of becoming an egg donor, such as endometriosis, your egg donation agency has screenings and requirements in place to prevent any potential harm. 

6. Flexible to your schedule

From the beginning of your cycle to the end, the entire egg donation process takes just under 40 days (37 to be exact). But aside from the physical process, the commitment to egg donation isn’t long-term with most contracts around six months long. This is because there’s a specific window when your eggs will be viable for retrieval, but you can when this happens, and what time of the day the procedure works for your schedule. 

If you’re not traveling during egg donation, this shouldn’t pose any disruption around your normal life. 

No risk and high rewards with egg donation

The gift of egg donation helps intended parents bring their children to life while empowering you with the financial and emotional rewards of your contributions. 

Our egg donors pursue so many exciting ventures following their cycles -- from pursuing higher education to traveling around the world and exploring new cultures. Yet for many women, the free professional medical care and genetic testing alone make egg donation worth the process.  

Ultimately, the benefits of egg donation are personal, and your reasons for doing it are your reasons alone. Just know that whatever your motivations are, there are families out there hoping for a person like you to come along and make their dreams a reality. 

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