Benefits of surrogacy agencies

The Benefits of Working With an Experienced Surrogacy Agency

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Written by Hatch Fertility

Whether you are a gestational surrogate or an intended parent looking for the woman who will carry your child into the world, there are numerous decisions to make during your journey with surrogacy. 

The first most significant decision for both intended parents and surrogates is whether to work with a surrogacy agency or to pursue this experience independently. Both options have their benefits, but for most, you'll want the surety of being in safe and experienced hands. 

Although undertaking this journey on your own may seem a great option to some, working with a surrogacy agency is strongly advised. The right surrogacy agency will help reduce the stress and uncertainty that comes with this process. After all, even the smoothest surrogacy experiences can be emotional, and not without some twists and turns. 

To help you make the ultimate decision, here are some of the benefits that come with choosing a surrogacy agency. 


Benefits of working with a surrogacy agency 

The journey to parenthood with surrogacy and IVF can be emotional, overwhelming and legally complicated. Because of this, surrogacy agencies are here to facilitate your journey and give both parties the most rewarding experiences possible. 

Let’s explore why most surrogates and intended parents turn to surrogacy agencies. 

1. Thorough medical, legal and financial screenings   

In addition to the gestational carrier's screening for eligibility, the intended parents will also undergo screening and vetting to determine their suitability. Doing this will guarantee that the intended parent(s) and gestational surrogate are a good fit for each other and are ready to undergo the surrogacy journey together. 

Experienced agencies perform screening on many levels. These screenings include: 

  • Background checks
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Legal evaluations
  • Regulatory evaluations
  • And more 

Not to mention, the recommended requirements and legal best practices are constantly evolving, and agencies stay on top of these developments. 

2. Superior financial management

Surrogacy agencies can help intended parents manage their finances throughout the surrogacy process. They provide a clear view of upfront costs so intended parents can plan accordingly and avoid any unexpected expenses. 

In the case of any extra charges incurred during the most common journey contingencies, agencies like Hatch often cover these amounts via their Peace of Mind Program. Examples of covered costs can include:

  • Failed transfers
  • Extra medications
  • Miscarriages
  • Additional travel for both the surrogate and her companion

Hatch covers expenses incurred on both the agency and in-house clinic side, which is a unique perk. 

3. Professional guidance

At many surrogacy agencies, they will assign you a surrogacy specialist at the beginning of your journey. This specialist will help you navigate the matching process, so all your preferences and needs are met by your surrogate or your matched intended parents. These professionals also protect your interests and rights throughout the surrogacy journey. 

They will ask you many questions, whether you are an intended parent or a surrogate, about what you want during your surrogacy journey. These questions will include things that you may or may not have considered before and ensure that you are matched with the right fit the first time. 

4. No financial burden on surrogates 

As a gestational surrogate, you will be protected by the agency from having to incur any costs throughout the process. It will become the intended parents responsibility to take care of all service costs regarding support, counseling, contact mediation, maternity clothes, etc. This way you can put all your attention on having a healthy, happy pregnancy. 

How to select a surrogacy agency as a prospective surrogate

Use this surrogate agency checklist to help navigate choosing between your top choices. We've thought of everything so you don't have to. We hope it helps you have the life-affirming surrogacy experience you deserve.

Download the checklist


5. A wide match selection & faster match times

Surrogacy agencies have a broad network of intended parents and gestational surrogates to choose from. They will help you identify gestational carriers or intended parents who fit your exact preferences and have met all the requirements to undergo the surrogacy process. 

This will save you time, especially when you consider private surrogacy processes can take a year or even longer to find the right fit. 

6. Reduced strain on both parties 

With independent surrogacy, the surrogate and intended parent will have to manage the logistics and communication throughout the entire process. This leaves independent surrogates with even more responsibility and can add tension and unnecessary challenges to the journey for both the intended parents and their surrogates. 

Agencies act as the point of contact throughout the whole journey, coordinating medical, legal, financial, and all other parties. This can protect you from risks and liabilities as your agency will have all necessary experience and up-to-date knowledge to lead this journey for you. 

Get help on your surrogacy journey 

The decision to use a surrogacy agency or private surrogacy is personal and you may require expert advice to make the most appropriate decision. At Hatch, our team of experts is ready to help you make this crucial decision. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and start receiving guidance every step of the way.