egg donation and surrogacy beginnings

Egg Donation and Surrogacy: Beautiful New Beginnings


New beginnings. Life is full of them for all of us. Egg Donation and Surrogacy bring to light some very special and unique new beginnings. For so many Intended Parents, egg donation and surrogacy are new beginnings that appear in their paths, only after they have reached what seems like the end of their reproductive options. Egg Donation and surrogacy are their glimmering hope that all is not lost.

Today I was reminded of the beauty and the importance of new beginnings, by the visit of two of the loveliest Brazilian Intended Parents who had stopped by the agency to introduce us to their perfect new baby girl. As I gazed upon this little angel, taking in all of her sweet features, ten little fingers, ten tiny toes, and I watched her peacefully sleep, I thought to myself “What a marvelous way to begin life!” This tiny person doesn’t know it yet, but her wonderful start in life is the culmination of so many other new beginnings that led up to her birth.

Like so many other babies conceived through third-party reproduction, this baby started as a dream her parents had, and her existence is nothing short of miraculous. Two brave souls wanted a child more than anything in the world, and their first new beginning was meeting a doctor in Brazil who referred them to our program to find their surrogate angel across the world and set them on their path toward fulfilling their dream of parenthood.  They matched with an incredible, brave, loving woman who had just embarked on her new beginning to become a surrogate mother.  Their introduction marked the beginning of a very special friendship.

Their little embryo had its new beginning the moment it was implanted in a safe home where it would grow and thrive for the next nine months. With the exciting announcement that the transfer resulted in a pregnancy, two hopeful Intended Parents rejoiced in their next new beginning, as they prepared to become parents at last.  There are so many beginnings throughout the course of a pregnancy, people begin to get excited, they begin to educate themselves on child care, and they begin to decorate their first nursery. The dream becomes more real each day until that sacred day when their baby is placed in their arms and they go from being Intended Parents to just parents, the new beginning they have long awaited.

Parenthood is a series of new beginnings, while these new parents laugh about their sleepless but magical nights, they marvel at how much love they feel for this tiny human, and for the surrogate angel who came to their rescue. They are living in the moment, overcome with love. They aren’t even thinking about the many new beginnings ahead for their daughter: beginning to walk, talk, to run, read, to learn. There are the new beginnings that will define that child’s life: beginning friendships, beginning romances, beginning college, beginning careers, and perhaps someday even beginning parenthood themselves. Life is after all a beautiful series of new beginnings, each of them precious, and each of them integral to our life stories.

We wish you many special new beginnings ahead as you navigate egg donation and surrogacy as options for expanding your family or blessing others by helping them on their mission.