harvard egg donor

Letter from our Harvard Egg Donor


It feels like ages ago since we were last in touch – this is your Harvard EggDonor checking in. This Fall got unexpectedly busy for me. How have you been doing? Now that it's almost Halloween, I feel like the holidays are almost here -- my favorite time of year!

I wanted to touch base with you about potentially donating again. I have to share with you that since I've been involved with donating, my emotional prosperity, abundance, and feeling of peace has been ever expanding. Donating has aligned with so many of the things I value that, if it were ever a possibility, I'd love the opportunity to give once more.

I don't think we've ever talked much about how important donating has been for my financial wellness, among so many of the other things. It is the very act of giving that has healed my relationship with money and transitioned into one that is healthy, joyous, and loving -- what a change! It is only now, after a few year’s time, that I can look back and see the leaps and bounds I've made in thinking about how I want to relate to money.

Donating has been my life's greatest lesson -- that the act of giving is where prosperity begins, in every facet of our lives. I thought this summer's cycle would be my last, but as I continue to reflect on how donating has facilitated this unbelievable personal growth, donating at this point in my journey would represent the culmination of a life lesson as much as the beginning of a new one.

I am so grateful to have found you guys on this path to wellness. You are and have been such an important presence in my life. I appreciate you so much!

Sending a big hug,

Your Harvard Egg Donor