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10 Best LGBTQ+ Parenting Blogs To Bookmark in 2023

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Finding resources that offer valuable advice and community for same-sex parents and LGBTQ+ individuals looking to start or grow their families can be challenging. Whether you're in need of advice on how to raise children with a same-sex parent, gain visibility into LGBTQ+ parenting culture, learn about the struggles LGBTQ+ parents and individuals face, and more, these 10 best LGBTQ+ parenting blogs can help.

The Best LGBTQ+ Parenting Blogs To Read in 2023

  1. Gay Parenting Voices
  2. Mombian
  3. Meet The Wildes
  4. Two Dads and a Kid
  5. Lesbemums
  6. Designer Daddy
  7. Raff Out Loud
  8. Gays With Kids
  9. PFCLA Fertility Blog
  10. Hatch Fertility Blog

Gay Parenting Voices


Gay Parents To Be® is an informational resource for LGBTQ couples and individuals navigating family-building options. Gay Parenting Voices is the Gay Parents To Be blog for LGBTQ parents, families, and expert voices to find advice, information, stories, and more.

Gay Parenting Voices  | | |



Founded in 2005, Mombian is an award-winning lifestyle blog and resource hub for lesbian moms and other parents in the LGBTQ+ community. Offering a mix of parenting, politics, diversions, and resources, including news about LGBTQ families, parenting tips, and more.

Mombian  | | | |

Meet The Wildes


Meet The Wildes is an award-winning UK-based family & parenting blog with a focus on motherhood in a two-mom family. Created by Amber Wilde during her first pregnancy, learn more about her, her wife Kristy, and their five children, as she narrates their life experiences and shares parenting tips she has learned along the way.

Meet The Wildes | | | |

Two Dads and a Kid


Follow the lives of two gay dads raising a child in South Africa. Created by parenting and lifestyle blogger Manii; learn more about him, his husband, and their journey of how they became fathers to an amazing son through adoption. Together as a family, they enjoy spending quality time cycling, running, and swimming.

Two Dads and a Kid | | | |



Two wives embarking on parenthood for the first time. Writing about life as a same-sex family and everything in between. 'Lesbemums' is an award-winning LGBTQ Travel and Lifestyle blog, featuring what we get up to as well as our experiences as a Two-Mum family.

Lesbemums | | |

Designer Daddy


Designer Daddy® is a blog about parenting, pop culture & politics. Created by Brent Almond, the blog is home to Almond's obsessions with pop culture and superheroes, the occasional crafting project, and his adventures being the gay dad of an adopted son.

Designer Daddy |  | | |

Raff Out Loud


Raff Out Loud is not your average mom blog. Created by Bay Area local Raffinee, follow her story alongside her wife, Micaela, and their conception journey through IUI. Currently a mother of 3 toddlers; Mateo, Luca, and Lola, born 7.5 months apart. 

Raff Out Loud |  | | |

Gays With Kids


Gays With Kids is the ultimate online resource for gay, bi, and trans dads and dads-to-be. The Gays with Kids blog provides regular news and updates for gay men or queer men looking to become dads. Featuring news on gay surrogacy and much more.

Gays With Kids |  | | | |

PFCLA Fertility Blog 


Feel confident that you’ll receive high-quality care no matter your identity or relationship status. At PFCLA, your assigned care coordination team and physician will guide you through a full range of fertility services that assist with fertility-related complexities unique to the needs of LGBTQ+ patients.

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Hatch Fertility Blog 

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Hatch is passionate about helping LGBTQ+ couples with their fertility needs. Join over 1,500 intended parents in the LGBTQ+ community who became parents via our egg donation and surrogacy program. We also integrate world-class medical care with our in-house fertility clinic. Learn more about the journey to parenthood by contacting our team of specialists here.

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