Matching Recipient Parents

Matching Recipient Parents with an Egg Donor


I received a phone call last week, as I often do while facilitating matching recipient parents with an egg donor. The recipient said, “Vanessa, I don’t know what it is, but I feel connected to this egg donor. She seems like she would fit in our family”.

egg donor

There aren’t words to describe the excitement recipients have when they feel a connection to the donor. They feel hopeful again. Matching recipients parents with an egg donor puts them closer to fulfilling their dreams of becoming parents. The process can sometimes feel overwhelming to recipients. I often step in and help them choose their donor. I make suggestions and work closely with them to guide them through their journey.

I talk to recipients about the qualities they are looking for in choosing their egg donor. Recipients typically want to choose an egg donor who shares some physical characteristics. Some examples include hair and eye color, complexion, body type, and similar height. They are often drawn to egg donors who share similar ethnic backgrounds.

The process of matching recipient parents with an egg donor is authentic. I say that because every match is unique to what the individual couple is looking for in an egg donor. I’ve had recipients choose an egg donor based on similar taste in books. I had another couple choose a donor because she travels to similar places, or they both share their love for animal rescue. That is what makes my job so interesting. I am able to work with a diverse demographic of recipients and donors.

Telling a donor that she has been chosen is one of my favorite moments! The enthusiasm they have when hearing they are chosen is heartwarming. The most common statements I hear from donors is, “I want to help someone”.  The compassion and commitment from our egg donors is not only inspiring, it is reassuring for our recipients.

After the cycle is completed, and we hear there is a pregnancy. That is what makes it all worth it!

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