Top 5 Surrogacy Agencies for Intended Parents & Surrogates 2024

Hatch Fertility

If you’re considering becoming a surrogate or pursuing parenthood through surrogacy, starting with reputable surrogate agencies is essential. This ensures access to premier family-building services, offering the best experience for everyone involved. Read on for our comprehensive guide to choosing a surrogate agency.

For starters, family-building through surrogacy is a journey that requires thoughtful considerations. It's a nuanced process that demands everyone involved understand its implications. Today, we take a comprehensive look at the top five surrogacy agencies to look out for in 2024 to help you get started.

  1. Hatch Fertility | Egg Donation & Surrogacy 
  2. Circle Surrogacy 
  3. ConceiveAbilities
  4. Same Love Surrogacy
  5. IARC Surrogacy

1. Hatch Fertility

Established in 1991, Hatch Fertility connects intended parents with the perfect surrogate match. Recognized as the most established surrogacy and egg donor agency in the U.S., they have served over 8,000 successful journeys, thus making it top of our list for 2024. Intended parents get access to the highly unique Peace of Mind Program, which incorporates a fixed fee model to cover every expense needed on both the medical and agency side until live birth. This agency is a favorite with surrogates who get personalized assistance, on-call support, and competitive compensation throughout the entire process.

With Hatch Egg Donation & Surrogacy, you receive a wide range of services. This includes in-house IVF medical services, counseling and emotional support, legal counsel, financing options, screening & curated matching, escrow management, and case management. Hatch also offers a 99.5% success rate (the highest in the industry) and partners with the world’s top reproductive specialists —all to give intended parents the best chance of going home with their bundle of joy. 

2. Circle Surrogacy

With a success rate of 99.3%, Circle Surrogacy stands as our second-best recommendation for both intended parents and surrogates. Beyond aiding a diverse range of U.S.-based parents, this agency extends support to international parents from over 70 countries. With over 25 years of experience, Circle Surrogacy has been instrumental in assisting LGBTQ+ individuals in creating their families.

Circle Surrogacy provides various fixed fee options exclusively for agency services. These options encompass a sibling journey, utilizing a personal or independent surrogate, or focusing solely on egg donation. This array of choices caters to everyone's preferences, making the surrogacy process more accessible and accommodating.

3. ConceiveAbilities

Ranked third on our list is ConceiveAbilities, lauded for its exceptional standing in the industry and extensive experience. Its structured system is tailored to shepherd intending parents throughout the entire surrogacy process, offering comprehensive support, including legal assistance.

ConceiveAbilities not only excels in robust surrogate matching but also extends support for egg donors. However, it's worth noting that the qualification process for becoming a surrogate with this agency can be quite rigorous.

4. Same Love Surrogacy

Same Love Surrogacy stands out as a superb agency for surrogates, providing robust support group functions and a steadfast commitment to the well-being of its surrogates.

Similar to Hatch Fertility, Same Love Surrogacy prioritizes ensuring that their surrogates never feel compelled to engage in their services solely for financial reasons. Their surrogate contracts comprehensively outline covered expenses, and their compensation and benefits package is of the highest quality.

They ensure that their surrogates are not pressured to pursue partaking in the service because it is a sole source of income. They have a thorough list of surrogate expenses covered within all surrogate contracts, and their compensation and benefits plan is top-notch.

5. IARC Surrogacy

Last but not least, Elite Woman Surrogacy offers great support for intended parents and surrogates alike. They break the journey down into manageable steps and explain every process. 

An additional advantage is their collaboration with essential resources such as IVF clinics, escrow services, and legal experts, streamlining the logistical aspects of the intended parents' journey. Moreover, their caring and devoted staff are committed to fostering a positive experience for both parties involved.

Choosing the Best Surrogacy Agency for Your Journey

The agency you pick is crucial in your surrogacy journey - whether you are an egg donor, surrogate, or intended parent. Therefore, ensure you choose the best surrogate agency out there that is compatible with your needs. At Hatch Egg Donation & Surrogacy, we’re dedicated to guiding you successfully through your surrogacy journey. Book a consultation today to get started on your family-building journey.