Why Choose Hatch for Surrogacy in Sweden

Experienced Guidance

With over 30 years of experience, Hatch has helped numerous Swedish families grow through surrogacy. Our agency's exceptional 99.5% success rates reflect the expertise and dedication of our team, offering you the best chances for a successful outcome. Intended parents working with Hatch can have peace of mind when selecting an egg donor and surrogate because we hand select the top 5% of candidates after they have undergone one of the most high-standard screening processes in the nation. Our rigorous egg donor selection ensures that only the most suitable candidates are chosen for the process. We are honored to have served individuals and couples from over 50 countries, bringing our world-class services within your reach. 

Personalized Care

Every family is unique which is why we provide one-on-one consultations to understand and cater to your family-building goals. Assessing and choosing clinics and doctors in another country can be difficult, especially if the medical system differs a lot from your home country. When working with Hatch as your agency, you also have the opportunity to work with our world-renowned in-house fertility clinic, Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles. Our renowned in-house clinic has been pivotal in thousands of successful surrogacy journeys.You can always, however, choose to work with a different clinic of your choice - that decision is entirely up to you! Receive full support from knowledgeable, empathetic doctors and staff members—including experienced surrogates themselves—available to answer any question. We’ve even been known to come to the rescue in the middle of the night and provide assurances at all hours.

Legal Expertise

At Hatch we work with the best attorneys in reproductive and family law to ensure your journey runs smoothly. For international intended parents crucial aspects are making sure that the process of drafting agreements and establishing parental rights is handled correctly and efficiently. Our team is well-versed in Sweden’s surrogacy regulations, ensuring a hassle-free process.


We are the only agency in the USA to offer a truly all inclusive package, covering both medical and non-medical expenses, with no surprises, the Peace of Mind Program. Our Baby Guarantee Package covers unlimited services for egg donation, surrogacy, and IVF, until live birth. Hatch's Peace of Mind Program is an all-inclusive approach to surrogacy, ensuring no hidden costs or surprises.

The Peace of Mind Program covers:

  • Surrogate Compensation - Our surrogate compensation packages are designed to support and honor the surrogate's pivotal role in the family-building process 
  • Egg Donor Compensation (up to $10,000 per Retrieval)
  • All IVF Fees including Medications
  • Unlimited Transfers until Live Birth
  • Unlimited 100% Free Rematching
  • Legal for Surrogate, Donor and Intended Parents
  • Surrogate Medical Costs
  • Lost Wages and Bedrest
  • Surrogate, Egg Donor & Companion Travel
  • No Added Cost for International Intended Parents
  • And more!

Surrogacy Process in Sweden

Initial Consultation

Upon initial consultation, our specialists will determine your third-party reproduction needs—and explain how your family-building journey can be facilitated from your location. Understanding the complexities of third-party reproduction, Hatch brings you clarity and provides high-touch support throughout the entire process.

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Matching with a Surrogate

With Hatch, your social fit is our top priority. Your surrogacy coordinator will work closely with you to understand your wants and needs so we can recommend the most compatible matches. We balance medical, legal, financial, and social criteria to provide everyone with a relationship that brings them joy and happiness. We work to match surrogates and intended parents as quickly as possible.

Once you and your potential surrogate feel good about the match, you will meet via an introductory video call to further determine if it feels right. If both you and the surrogate feel confident and excited in this relationship, you will be officially paired!

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Embryo Transfer and Pregnancy

After your surrogate match has been confirmed and medically cleared, you'll receive legal counsel to draft necessary agreements. Now’s the time for the embryo transfer. Although not all international intended parents will need to visit, those carrying the pregnancy will. Pregnancy will be confirmed via a blood test at this stage - whether you're using a surrogate, egg donor or both. 

Birth and Parenthood

At this stage, you’re preparing for the final and most exciting stage (and visit!) of your third-party reproductive journey: the delivery of your healthy, happy baby. As you near the end of your journey, your lawyer and supporting agency must ensure that your legal parental rights are established at this point. Finally, the time has come to bathe in the joys of having a newborn, and travel back to your home country when you feel ready.


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