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Sweden egg donation and surrogacy

Inviting intended parents from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala and surrounding cities.

Hatch’s egg donation program, although based in Los Angeles, has been helping intended parents from Sweden for three decades. We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with foreign individuals and couples looking to grow their families. With this pride, we work harder every year to globalize our services to maintain and develop these relationships.  

Access the top five percent of egg donor applicants in the country

If you’re from Sweden, we want to welcome you to complete your IVF cycle with our amazing egg donors in L.A. Not only is L.A. home to hundreds of our egg donors, but California’s reproduction laws can simplify your egg donation process even if you’re from abroad. We also have strong relationships with world-renowned reproductive physicians who have high rates of success and are ready to help you grow your family.

Experience the care of the first egg donor agency in America

We pride ourselves on being a premier third-party program fortunate enough to make your dream of a family come alive. We believe we do something magical, and we want to share the wonderful gift of a healthy, happy baby with loving families like yours. 

Although Sweden and Los Angeles are far from each other, our staff is extremely familiar with Sweden’s customs, and would love to recommend places in L.A. that will feel like a second home during your time here. We understand it can be stressful to build a family from America when it’s not your first home, however, we’ll do everything possible toward ensuring your experience is a positive and exciting journey you deserve. Building a family is a rewarding and important decision and we want to assist you in every way we can.

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How to find an American surrogate for Swedish citizens

Intended parents from across the globe come to America and specifically California take part in the surrogacy program due to its favourable laws. We can refer you to expert attorneys who have vast experiences with global surrogacy arrangements and can help you begin the process of establishing your parental rights. We additionally provide referrals to obtain all necessary documents you’ll need to return home with your newborn.  

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Receive full support from knowledgeable, empathetic staff, available to answer any question. The same holds true for egg donors and surrogates.